7 Ways To Light Up A Venue For A Wedding Reception

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Your wedding day is an extraordinary event, and creating a magical atmosphere for your reception is crucial to making it a day to remember. Lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood and ambience of wedding reception venues Christchurch you have booked, and different techniques can profoundly impact the overall feel of your wedding celebration. 

In this article, we'll explore seven creative lighting ideas to illuminate and transform your wedding reception venue, ensuring that it exudes romance, elegance, and charm.

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Outdoor String Lights

Regarding outdoor wedding receptions, the enchanting allure of string lights cannot be overstated. These delicate strands of lights can create a romantic and dreamy setting, whether draped across trees, suspended overhead, or intertwined with floral arrangements. The warm, soft glow of string lights adds a whimsical touch to outdoor spaces, making them perfect for evening celebrations under the stars. With their versatility and timeless appeal, string lights infuse any outdoor venue with an ethereal charm that captivates guests and creates a magical ambience.

Candlelit Pathways

Imagine your guests being welcomed to your wedding reception venue by the enchanting flicker of candlelit pathways. This classic and timeless lighting idea exudes a sense of romance and elegance, setting the tone for a memorable evening. However, it's essential to consider safety precautions and alternative options for venues with fire restrictions. LED candles or lanterns can provide a safe and equally captivating alternative, ensuring that your candlelit pathways remain a stunning feature of your venue's ambience.

Chandeliers and Lanterns

For indoor receptions, chandeliers and lanterns offer an unparalleled opportunity to infuse the space with elegance and sophistication. These lighting fixtures can serve as stunning focal points, adding a touch of grandeur to your wedding reception venues Christchurch that you have picked. The choice of styles and sizes complements the venue's aesthetic, and carefully selected chandeliers and lanterns can elevate the overall ambience, creating a captivating and luxurious setting for your celebration.


Uplighting is a versatile technique that can dramatically transform the look of a reception space. By strategically placing lights at the base of walls or other structures, uplighting adds depth, drama, and flair to the venue. Using colour schemes tailored to your wedding theme and mood can further enhance the impact of uplighting, creating a visually striking and immersive experience for you and your guests.

Projection Mapping

In modern wedding trends, projection mapping is a cutting-edge technique for creating personalised and immersive experiences. Couples can use projection mapping to tell their unique love story through captivating visuals, transforming the reception venue into a canvas that showcases their journey together. From dynamic patterns to romantic narratives, projection mapping offers an innovative way to engage and enchant your guests, leaving them with a lasting impression of your celebration.

Fairy Light Canopies

Whether indoors or outdoors, fairy light canopies have the power to create a breathtaking, starry effect that captivates everyone in attendance. These ethereal canopies envelop the space in a soft, enchanting glow, adding a touch of magic to your wedding reception. When considering this lighting idea, working with professional vendors for installation and guidance can ensure that your fairy light canopy becomes a mesmerising and unforgettable venue feature.

Sparkler Send-offs

As the night draws close, a sparkler send-off can provide a stunning and memorable conclusion to your celebration. The sight of sparklers illuminating the night sky creates a picturesque backdrop for capturing timeless photographs. However, it's essential to address safety protocols and consider eco-friendly options, such as biodegradable sparklers, to ensure that your grand finale is visually spectacular and environmentally conscious.


The impact of lighting on transforming wedding reception venues Christchurch cannot be understated. Each of the seven lighting ideas discussed in this article offers a unique opportunity to infuse your celebration with romance, elegance, and charm. As you plan your special day, consider exploring combinations or variations of these lighting techniques to align with your vision and create a truly enchanting atmosphere for your wedding reception. After all, the proper lighting can elevate your venue and make your wedding day an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

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