A Civil Works Project's Characteristics and Objectives

A Civil Works Project's Characteristics and Objectives
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21 December 2022

In the world of construction, we find different terms that define the work carried out. So, if we ask ourselves what a civil work is, we can resort to seeing exactly what civil means. Therefore, the citizens own the city. We offer best products and services for Ready mix Concrete Lahore.

However, we can say that civil works are those intended for a public service, such as roads, bridges, or ports.

Within the construction sector we can find different tasks that must carry out by different professionals. One of them is to prepare the construction project.

Characteristics Of Civil Works Projects

As they are large-scale works, they characterize by a high level of complexity. Which is why they require a deployment of significant human and material resources. Overall, they require a great organization and production capacity. At our construction company, we bring all our experience to develop this type of service.

Although we can say that complexity is the most salient feature. Also characterized a civil work by:

Main Objectives

If we define the concept "civil", according to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, it is that which "belongs to the city or to the citizens". In this way, we can deduce to carry out a civil works project to satisfy a public need.

Through this type of construction, achieve two main objectives:

  1. Improve the quality of life

of the population by building roads, accesses, recreational areas or facilitating communication and tasks.

  1. Minimize the environmental impact

of these constructions, whether newly created or restoration work, to advocate sustainability.

Possibility Of Performing Simultaneous Tasks and Actions

Long Term Design.

As it is a large work, normally plan and design most civil works projects to execute in the long term.

Level Supervision,

Direction and control. It makes no sense for such a large project to direct and supervised by a single person, several need to act as managers of the different parts of the civil works.

Division By Stages

As it is a large-scale project, the ideal is that each task subdivided into others of a more secondary nature. In this sense, some of them come to consider mini projects within the civil works project itself.

High Execution and Production Costs

Due to the size of the project, high amounts of materials and technical and human resources are necessary.

What Are the Characteristics of a Civil Works Project?

Like any project, a civil works project could define as the collection of ideas and actions that carry out to achieve a specific objective.

  • In general, the design of a civil works project is highly complex due to the number of factors that must consider. Therefore, the deployment of organization and logistics, is very important.
  • It is important to consider short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. Any modification in the terrain or the environment must rigorously study in order to avoid environmental impact or alterations in ecosystems.
  • Distribution of tasks among specialized professionals. Civil engineers, environmental engineers, experts in the current law of the area and experienced professionals in charge of supervising the work must be involved in this type of project.
  • Detailed timeline. Especially if it is a big project. To optimize the design and execution of a civil works project, it must break down into small tasks with achievable short-term objectives. Thus, we achieve better supervision of the completed tasks and check the degree of sustainability and feasibility of the project.

Examples Of Constructions and Actions of a Civil Work

Examples related to construction are as follows:

Civil Works on Rustic Land

  • Works on elements intended for agricultural use such as tanks, cisterns, drinking troughs or warehouses.
  • Works involving forest use such as rafts, mountain refuges or turrets.
  • Infrastructure works intended for general public use, such as recreational areas or interpretation centers.
  • Signaling and billboard works, for example, to signalize hiking routes or mark out mountain bike circuits.

Civil Works on Urban Land

  • Design and construction of parks, gardens, and other green areas.
  • Maintenance and conservation of green areas (pruning, cleaning, irrigation...)
  • Maintenance of roads and highways, including signaling and billboards.
  • Maritime facilities; defense and regeneration of coasts and beaches.
  • The design, construction, and maintenance of sports facilities.
  • Treatment plants and solid waste, as well as sealing and restoration of landfills.
  • playground
  • Designing and creating parks and gardens
  • The creation of green areas such as parks and gardens in towns and cities are key to improving the quality of life.
  • Not only do they improve aesthetically (we are all fascinated by seeing, smelling, and feeling the freshness of a well-kept park), but they help, and a lot, in other important aspects.
  • That itself clearly indicates the need for the presence of these spaces in order to improve air quality to improve the physical and emotional well-being of people.

Behind every design and creation of a park there is a laborious design of a civil works project, paying attention to every little detail.

Stages Of a Civil Works Project

To carry out a civil works project, we find to carry out a series of common stages in order to proceed with its construction:

Identification Of the Need

The first thing is to expect and to identify the reason to require its construction.

Proper Location

Choose the ideal location to carry out the project. Since, this will influence the subsequent phases.

Previous Calculation of The Investment

Study and assessment of the possible ways of financing, be they loans, subsidies or credits.

Request For Permits and Relevant Procedures

To carry out the work.


Where the plans, sketches, diagrams, and the calculations necessary to represent and visualize to carry out the project before executing.


Previously, we spoke in our post about bidding in the construction sector. Specifically, in civil works, offer the project to a contractor or institution. In case it is your own, it simply spreads among the interested parties.


Finally, once all of the above is satisfied, we proceed to the construction of the work.


Thus, we make almost all the works that surround us by civil engineering. Which is why they seek to generate a concrete benefit for the organization of a territory and improve the quality of life of a community, region, or country. In this sense, being so closely linked to development, especially in terms of infrastructure. It is a discipline that is based on knowledge in areas such as hydraulics, algebra, geometry, chemistry, calculus, and mechanics.

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