A Guide for Parents to Use Reusable Diapers

A Guide for Parents to Use Reusable Diapers
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22 June 2023

Reusable diapers, also known as cloth diapers, these are a great alternative to disposable diapers. They are not only eco-friendly but can also be cost-effective in the long run. However, for new parents, using reusable diapers can seem daunting at first. Here is a guide to help parents use reusable diapers effectively:

Understand the Types of Reusable Diapers

  • Prefolds diapers: These are the simplest and most traditional reusable diapers. They require folding and fastening with pins or a snappi.
  • Fitted diapers: These are contoured diapers that fit snugly around the baby's legs and waist. They come with elastic around the legs and back to keep the diaper secure.
  • Pocket diapers: These have a waterproof outer layer and a soft, absorbent inner layer. You can insert an absorbent pad into the pocket to increase the diaper's absorbency.
  • All-in-one diapers: These are similar to disposable diapers and come with an absorbent layer sewn into the diaper. They are the easiest to use but can take longer to dry.

Preparing for Cloth Diapering

Before using cloth diapers, you'll need to prepare a few things:

  • Diapers: You'll need enough diapers to last at least two days, ideally 8-10 diapers.
  • Inserts: If you're using pocket diapers or all-in-one diapers, you'll need absorbent inserts to go inside.
  • Diaper covers: If you're using prefolds or fitted diapers, you'll need waterproof covers to go over them.
  • Wet bags: You'll need a wet bag to store dirty diapers when you're out and about.

A Guide for Parents to Use Reusable Diapers

Changing diapers

Steps to change the diapers:

Lay your baby on the changing mattress

  • Unfasten the diaper and lift your baby's bottom.
  • Use a wipe or cloth to clean your baby's bottom.
  • If the diaper is wet, remove the insert (if you're using a pocket or all-in-one diaper) and put it in a wet bag.
  • If the diaper is soiled, remove the insert and shake off any solids into the toilet. Then, rinse the diaper under running water or put it in a diaper sprayer to remove any remaining solids. Put the diaper and insert in a wet bag.
  • Put a fresh diaper on your baby and fasten it securely.

Washing Diapers

Washing cloth diapers is easy but requires a few extra steps compared to washing clothes. Here's how to wash cloth diapers:

  • Remove any solids from the diaper and put it in a wet bag until you're ready to wash.
  • Run a cold rinse cycle with no detergent to remove any remaining urine or feces.
  • Run a hot wash cycle with detergent. Use the recommended amount of detergent and avoid fabric softeners, bleach, or vinegar as they can damage the fabric or reduce absorbency.
  • Run an additional flush cycle to guarantee all cleanser is taken out. 
  • Hang or tumble dry the diapers.

Tips for Success

  • Change diapers frequently to prevent leaks and rashes.
  • Use a diaper liner to make cleanup easier when your baby has a bowel movement.
  • Invest in high-quality diapers and inserts to ensure they last longer.
  • Consider using cloth wipes as they are eco-friendly and cost-effective.
  • Don't be afraid to try different types of diapers to find what works best for your baby.
  • Don't get discouraged if you experience leaks or difficulties at first. It takes time to get used to using reusable diapers.

Reusable diapers are not harmful for baby's health

Reusable diapers are safe and healthy for babies to wear. In fact, they have several advantages over disposable diapers when it comes to promoting good health and hygiene. Here are some reasons why reusable diapers are not harmful for baby's health:


Disposable diapers are often treated with chemicals, such as chlorine and fragrances, to absorb moisture and mask odors. These chemicals can irritate a baby's delicate skin, causing rashes and allergic reactions. In contrast, reusable diapers are made of natural fabrics, such as cotton or bamboo, which are gentle and breathable, reducing the likelihood of skin irritation.

Better for Sensitive Skin

Babies have delicate skin that is more susceptible to irritation and rashes. Reusable diapers are made of natural fabrics that are breathable and soft, reducing the likelihood of skin irritation. Additionally, because reusable diapers are washed frequently, there is less chance of bacteria buildup on the fabric, which can further irritate a baby's skin.

More comfortable

Reusable diapers are designed to fit snugly around a baby's body, which prevents leaks and reduces discomfort. Disposable diapers, on the other hand, can be bulky and uncomfortable, causing chafing and irritation. Furthermore, reusable diapers can be customized to fit a baby's individual body shape and size, providing maximum comfort.


Disposable diapers have a significant environmental impact, as they take hundreds of years to decompose and generate a substantial amount of waste. In contrast, reusable diapers are eco-friendly, as they can be used multiple times, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. Additionally, many reusable diapers are made from organic or sustainably-sourced materials, reducing the environmental impact even further.

Reduced Risk of Diaper Rash

Diaper Rash occurs when a baby's skin is exposed to moisture and bacteria for an extended period, causing irritation and inflammation. Reusable diapers can reduce the risk of diaper rash by providing better ventilation and reducing the likelihood of bacterial growth. Additionally, because reusable diapers are washed frequently, they are less likely to harbor bacteria and fungi, which can contribute to diaper rash.

In conclusion, reusable diapers are a safe and healthy alternative to disposable diapers. They are chemical-free, better for sensitive skin, more comfortable, eco-friendly, and reduce the risk of diaper rash. By using reusable diapers, parents can provide their babies with a healthier, more comfortable, and eco-friendly diapering option. Reusable diapers are a great option for parents who want to reduce their environmental impact and save money in the long run.

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