A Guide To High Pressure Washer

A Guide To High Pressure Washer

A high pressure washer is an important tool for cleaning and rinsing in both domestic and commercial environments. Professional high pressure cleaning in Melbourne, Victoria can quickly and efficiently remove dirt, including stubborn or encrusted dirt.

Heated high pressure cleaners provide an additional benefit by generating hot water up to 155 degC in the steam stage. This can reduce cleaning time, particularly on greasy surfaces.


The heart of a high pressure cleaner is a pump, which may be petrol or electricity driven and capable of producing water at pressures up to 4000 psi (pounds per square inch) or 280 bar. The pump is fed by a hose and connected to the lance or nozzle via a control valve or switch.

A variety of nozzles and attachments are available for different applications. It is important to carefully consider the type of cleaning required for a specific job, the appropriate working pressure and the optimum detergent use. Too much detergent makes rinsing more difficult and pollutes the environment.

Prior to starting the cleaning operation a visual inspection of all high pressure equipment including hoses, connections and rupture disk pressure rating will be made. The area around the pump and hoses will be barricaded and clearly marked with “DANGER – HIGH PRESSURE WATER CLEANING”.


High pressure cleaning equipment is a motorised system that uses a pressure pump and associated pipes, hoses, nozzles and controls to create the water volume and velocity required. These systems can range in size from domestic units used for cleaning vehicles, outdoor furniture and gardens to industrial sized units suitable for use on industrial buildings, machinery and concrete road surfaces.

The system is designed to remove loose dirt, paint and rust from structures, machinery, equipment, vehicles and surfaces using water at a high pressure. Some systems include dust collection or filtration to reduce the release of airborne abrasive particles such as glass, grit and swarf into the atmosphere.

Heated pressure cleaners are ideal for more intensive cleaning applications as they can increase the temperature of the water to up to 155 degC in the steam stage. Choose an authorized dealer of any industrial pressure cleaning equipment and supplies.

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A high pressure cleaning is an excellent way to clean industrial facilities and outdoor areas. It removes stains and prevents the growth of germs such as bacteria, fungus (like lichen, moss, mildew), algae and spores. It also improves the longevity of floors and increases resale value.

The hydrodynamic method of cleaning allows to quickly clean even hard deposits in places that are difficult to reach, e.g. in small heat exchanger tubes and inside tanks. Unlike other cleaning methods, it does not damage the surface being cleaned, as water under high pressure demonstrates no abrasive properties.

Different chemicals can be added to the water stream during high pressure cleaning, depending on the specific stain you are trying to lift. The best chemicals to use for lifting oil-based stains are degreasers, while acidic cleaners (like citric acid or oxalic acid) are the most effective for removing rust and concrete stains. These chemicals are usually available in a concentrated form and must be diluted before use.


When used incorrectly a pressure washer can lacerate arms and legs, blind people and harm small animals. Always test a surface before starting to clean and never move the spray nozzle closer than 6 inches from the surface. It is also important to use appropriate clothing and protective equipment.

Heated pressure cleaners produce a lot of noise and can be very noisy indoors. They can also cause a significant amount of water and chemical splash when operating so it is important to take measures to prevent this. Also, it is best to avoid cleaning live plants and painted surfaces such as weatherboards with high-pressure cleaners. These should be sprayed with low-pressure cleaners such as a soft wash to avoid damage. Soft washing uses low pressure and special cleaning solutions to remove mildew and bacteria.

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