A Guide to Men's Wear Online in India

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31 July 2023

Men’s fashion is both timeless and ever-evolving – both new and existing styles are actively worn throughout India. This makes it crucial to level up your wardrobe to include a little bit of everything. You can easily do so with the wide variety and collection of men’s wear online. In this blog, we’ll be looking at how you can buy the best men’s clothing online.

Exploring the Wide Collection of Men’s Wear Online

It’s safe to say that in recent years, people have become more inclined to shop from the comfort of their homes. This is due to the massive growth of online shopping in recent years, which allows for a seamless shopping experience with high-quality goods and easy payment and return options. Due to this, many existing and new websites are hosting an ever-expanding collection of men’s wear.

This is exciting and fun of course but can get confusing as well – with countless options available, you might be taken aback. But don’t worry – we’re here to guide you through the different kinds of men’s wear options available. Before we delve into the different types – keep in mind that in India, men’s wear can be broadly classified into 3 broad categories – casual, formal, and traditional.

Men’s Upper wear

The most noticeable and impressive part of any outfit is the upper wear, hence it’s crucial to wear something nice. You can find a vast collection of men’s upper wear that are available in a wide variety of materials, patterns, designs, colours, sizes, and fittings. As mentioned, these can be broken down into casual, formal, and traditional categories. Let’s look at what these upper wear categories contain.

Casual Upper Wear

Casual upper wear is essentially meant for casual occasions and everyday wear. This type of upper wear is designed with comfort and style in mind, coming with many patterns, designs, graphics, logos, colours and more.

Casual upper wear includes different types of shirts and t-shirts that are further classified based on size, type, patterns and more into t-shirts, denim shirts, striped shirts, half sleeves, full sleeves, and oversized shirts.

Jackets, hoodies, and sweatshirts are also included in casual wear and are designed for comfort.

Formal Upper Wear

Formal Upper Wear is designed for professional wear on formal occasions such as business meetings. Formal wear is well-tailored to suit the body type and provide a sleek, elegant, and professional look which brings a boost to confidence.

Formal upper wear consists of a wide range of items such as dress shirts, suits, coats, and blazers. These come in a range of colours that are best suited for professional occasions such as blue, white, navy, and black.

Traditional Upper Wear

In India, traditional and ethnic men’s wear has been popular for a long time. These traditional upper wear are designed with festivity and culture in mind, offering a wide variety of vibrant colours and fine embroidery.

Traditional upper wear includes kurtas, sherwanis, vests and Modi jackets and is commonly worn on festivals and auspicious occasions.

Men’s Bottom wear

Bottom wear is essential in men’s clothing and comes in a wide variety of casual, formal, and traditional options. Bottom wear not only compliments your upper wear but also your footwear and overall outfit.

Casual Bottom Wear

Casual bottom wear is designed with maximum comfort and style in mind. These are versatile in nature, can be paired with all kinds of upper wear and are meant for everyday wear.

These include shorts, jeans, chinos, and pyjamas.

Formal Bottom Wear

Formal bottom wear is designed to complement your suits, coats, and dress shirts. These come in colours that compliment your formal upper wear and allow for a refined look.

Formal bottom wear includes pants, trousers, and khakis.

Traditional Bottom Wear

Designed for festive and auspicious occasions, traditional bottom wear is meant to compliment your kurta, sherwani and Modi jackets.

These include dhoti, churidars and pyjamas.

Men’s Footwear

Now that you’ve got your shirts, sherwanis, shorts and trousers figured out – it’s time to choose the right pair of footwear to combine with them.

Casual Footwear

For everyday wear, travel, and commute – you need footwear that can bring comfort. This is what casual footwear is designed for. They come with breathable materials and comfortable fittings and can pair well with different casual and even formal wear.

Casual footwear includes flip-flops, sandals, sneakers, and boots.

Formal Footwear

To pair well with your formal outfit, you need formal footwear. These are designed with style and elegance to complement your formal outfits.

Formal footwear includes leather shoes, boat shoes and other kinds of dress shoes.

Traditional Footwear

To pair well with your kurtas and sherwanis, you need a pair of traditional footwear. These are designed with the festivities in mind, and hence come in a wide variety and offer vivid colours, designs, and embroidery that can add charm to your traditional outfit.

Traditional footwear includes jutti, mojari, and traditional sandals.

Elevate your Appearance with the best Men’s Wear Online today.

Knowing the various types of upper wear, bottom wear, and footwear options that you can choose from is going to make things easier for you. And if you’ve made it this far, then you might have your outfit figured out already! All that’s left to do now is to buy the best men’s wear online, expanding your wardrobe with stylish wear for all kinds of occasions!



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