A Journey to Heart of Desert with Eagle Eyes Tourism LLC

A Journey to Heart of Desert with Eagle Eyes Tourism LLC
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Dubai, dubbed the shining diamond of the United Arab Emirates, is well-known for its tall, multistory buildings and skyscrapers, opulent and exquisite retail malls, and its affluent way of life. The requirement of the hour is to explore the old world of seductive Desert Landscape that is still visible across the new metropolitan views. Visitors can embark on a fascinating adventure when they travel with Desert Safari Dubai into the heart of the desert. This exciting journey takes you deep into the mysterious heart of the Arabian Desert, where you can encounter inspiring sights, sounds, and experiences. This enlightening article explores the paranormal realm of Desert Safari Dubai, preserving the essence of its opulent past, myriad schemes, and seductive allure.

A Journey into the Heart of the Desert: The Dubai Desert is a magnificent and alluring stretch of sand dunes that appears to reach into the region without end. It offers celebrations to the five senses, with a vibrant landscape that shines with golden color. Additionally, the sun's ever-changing hue creates a stunning backdrop for life's most unforgettable moments. Beginning with thrilling rides across sand dunes, a desert safari's trip into the heart of the desert begins. The skilled drivers controlling the moving terrain provide the tourists with exciting and active ideas.

The Bedouin inheritance:

As it is time of twilight when the sun is about to set over the desert, the memorable trip continuous to a conventional Bedouin camp. The nomadic tribes belonging to the Arabian Peninsula have left an enduring and lasting impressions on cultural legacy of Dubai. At the camps, the visitors and travelers enjoy with the Arabian coffee and dates observing the vast hospitality offered by the Bedouins. The regional artists present their art works exhibit tangled handmade rugs and carpets, elegant crockery and above all beautifully prepared jewelry. Visitors can also utilize conventional Arabian costumes and dresses for the purpose of memorable photography to be remembered till long time.

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