A rogue son of heaven

"Ah.." The Venerable Kong, like the generals who had seen the giant for the first time, could not help but exclaim at the moment when he saw the dragon coming out of the pool. This group of Huyang family will be green face, where did they think there would be such a huge evil in the world? Empty venerable also seems to be scared silly, like the first time to see this thing Lin Miao, eyes flashed a touch of fear that can not be concealed, only the forty dead men holding the crossbow are still expressionless, it seems that they did not see this giant in general. In their hearts, there seems to be no such feeling of fear. Walk quickly Lin Miao gave a low cry. Only then did the people on the cliff seem to come to their senses. Bai Qing knew that if the fierce beast reached the top of the cliff, it would be very difficult for them to get rid of its pursuit. A bad one would lead it to the place where the ship was moored. With the power of the fierce beast, it would be like breaking a toothpick to destroy the ship, but they could not afford it. Go- "Bai Qing waved his hand and said, for the time being, he did not want to provoke the evil thing, lest it pursue them.". The Venerable Kong and the Venerable Wu Chang also had the intention to quit early. Where had they ever seen such a huge thing? Not to mention the slaying of dragons, in this sudden meeting, they can not even get up a little fighting spirit. So, without Bai Qing saying, they quickly retreated. The ground shook,sonicator homogenizer, the huge sound in the canyon only made people jumpy, Lin Miao knew that the giant began to climb the cliff, but he did not have any leisure to pay attention to these, now leaving here is the most important. Of course, he would not be afraid of this giant, but he did not want to face it head-on, or he still wanted to use this strange beast to kill Bai Qing and other people to clear his biggest obstacle in the swamp of death,ultrasonic extraction cbd, otherwise if these people drank the blood of the dragon, they could also dive into the underground river from Xuantan to find Xuanmen. At that time, he could not face the attack of this group of dead men without any feelings, even if he healed the wounds on his body. He still has five days to use, in fact, he can use this time to use Bai Qing to distract the dragon into the Xuantan, but he does not want to do so soon. If he had come here with the Iron Head people, or would have done so, because there would be someone to protect the Dharma while healing, but there was no one at the moment, and he could only rely on himself and could not be distracted, then he would have to get rid of all the enemies first. After running for a long time, Bai Qing suddenly stopped and looked back at each other, only to see the huge object rushing in. Every step seemed to shake the ground, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic welding transducer, and like a huge pestle, it knocked heavily on people's hearts. Seneschal, the monster is coming! One of the masters turned blue in the face and looked at the huge creature with teeth and claws, and all they had in their hearts was fear. Come well, I'm afraid it won't come! Bai Qing took a breath and his eyes flashed with excitement and madness. Lin Miao looked at the huge animal clip hidden under the grass and wanted to see how Bai Qing hunted dragons. Ah When Lin Miao looked at the position of the animal trap, he suddenly heard a woman's scream coming from the road he had just passed. Little Cui! Lin Miao was taken aback. He recognized that the shrill cry was made by Xiao Cui, who had come with him in the same boat. Help Help me.. The shrill cry for help was so desperate and long that it cast a shadow over everyone's heart. Small Cui- "Lin Miao dodged to meet the direction of the dragon, he recognized the source of the voice, also know that this is the voice of small Cui, but he did not know how small Cui came here, but he must not do nothing." Lin Miao.. Bai Qing called out, but did not stop Lin Miao. Chief, do you want us to bring him back? A Baifu general asked. No, the boy will be all right. It's better to let him lead the evil thing here. We are short of a bait! Bai Qingyin smiled and said. Manager, but Mr. Lin is our friend, if out. "Don't worry, Venerable. With his martial arts, it's not difficult to escape the fierce beast's pursuit.". He was very familiar with this place, and it was not the first time he had fought with this evil thing! Bai Qing interrupted the words of the Venerable Wuchang and said with a smile. Empty venerable eyes flashed a trace of ruthless color, he would like Lin Miao to die. Lin Miao made him lose face several times, and even killed several of his disciples. Although Lin Miao was protected by Elder Martial Brother Impermanence at the moment, he was unwilling. Of course, he had great respect for Elder Martial Brother Wuchang, and he was almost half a teacher. The Venerable Wuchang was the one who had the strongest martial arts and the highest cultivation under the Queen Mother of the West besides the Holy One and the Great Sun Dharma King. Therefore, he had great respect for this Elder Martial Brother. However, he would not give up his hatred for Lin Miao because of this. He could not kill Lin Miao himself. He hoped to use the claws of the dragon to get rid of this difficult young man. Lin Miao stopped, and Xiao Cui was tied to a tree pole with a rope, which was where the dragon was going to pass. The beast was only tens of feet away from the tree at the moment. Childe, help me. Looking at the giant running, Xiao Cui also found Lin Miao, and she was almost scared to faint. Don't be afraid, I'll save you! Lin Miao frowned and threw out a knife. Dole.. The knife cut the rope tied to Xiao Cui with great accuracy, and Lin Miao stepped across the air and caught the falling Xiao Cui. Lin Miao turned his head and looked at it. The head of the huge thing was only ten feet away from him. The roar seemed to break his eardrum. How could he dare to spend time thinking about it? Pick up small Cui, tiptoe a little tree pole, like a bird swept to the direction of Bai Qing and others. Lin Miaocai swept up and felt the dark wind surging on one side, hitting him at a speed so fast that he could not turn back. Thunder power- "Lin Miao secretly shouted in his heart that he had no intention of thinking, but with an idle right hand to block the dark wind, he simply could not do his best." Boom.. A powerful force poured into Lin Miao's body. Lin Miao only felt that everything was burning, and even heard the sound of his own bones breaking. At the same time as he fell out, he saw the grinning expression of Thunder Wei. "Wow." Blood spilled from the sky, Lin Miao's body broke a tree pole, and threw Xiao Cui out in an unconscious state. Heaven and earth seemed to be spinning, Lin Miao felt dizzy,ultrasonic metal welding, he finally did not escape the plot of Thunder Wei, but he still did not cut off consciousness, still know how bad the environment he was in at the moment. fycgsonic.com

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