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23 November 2022

First, let’s talk about ICD 10 Code, ICD stands for International Statistical Classification of diseases and related health problems which is now on its 10th revision. Since the pandemic happened, the WHO terminology and classification unit has been activating emergency codes for COVID-19 in ICD-10. 

The whole process of activating these codes was done after consultation with the committees and reference groups of the WHO organization by the help of 

International Classifications (WHO-FIC) Network.

February 2020, first occurrence and Research

During Pandemic, the first Emergency codes were activated in February 2020 for COVID-19 for following reasons : 

  • To confirm diagnosis of COVID-19
  • Clinical diagnosis of COVID-19

April 2020, second occurrence and safety precautions

In April 2020, large number of people died during this period due to pandemic, 

International guidelines for certification and classification declared  COVID-19 as cause of death and it was published in 7 Languages.

September 2020, third occurrence and treatment process

In the context of COVID-19, a set of additional codes were activated to be able to document or flag the conditions that occurred in September 2020.

The Post-covid was formulated when the late effects and diseases occured after COVID-19.

January 2020, Vaccination 

On January 2021, a set of additional codes were activated for :

  • Immunization to prevent COVID-19
  • Adverse reaction to vaccine to treat COVID-19.


  • 3-7 characters in length
  • Alpha is the first character, characters two and three are numeric and characters four through seven can be alpha or numeric


  • Characters 1 through 3 are for Category
  • Characters 4 through 6 are for Etiology, anatomic site and other clinical detail
  • Character 7 is for Extension

 Constipation ICD 10 Code 

and other digestion related diseases

Causes of constipation may vary from  mild to severe under many conditions :

  1. Unbalanced diet intake
  2. Dehydration in the body
  3. Side effects of medications
  4. Disturbed bowel movement
  5. Stress
  6. Chronic diseases
  7. Lack of body movement (Exercise)
  8. Pregnancy and period related problems in women
  9. Prenatal and perinatal diseases
  10. Irregular body temperature 

This is the XIth chapter about Diseases of the Digestive system from K00 to K93.

Constipation ICD 10 Code is a category which is based on all kinds of Digestive diseases resulted from various reasons : 

-Conditions originated in the Perinatal Period.

-Conditions emerged from Infectious and Parasitic Diseases.

-Symptoms, signs and Abnormal clinical and Laboratory findings, which are still not classified or named.

-Injury, poisoning or any other consequences of external digestion related causes.

-Complications occurred during Pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium.

-Chromosomal abnormalities, congenital malformations and deformations.

-Metabolic, endocrine and nutritional diseases.

Constipation ICD 10 Code has many chapters which explain a variety of diseases which are related to digestion and chronic constipation. 

This chapter includes the following blocks : 

  • K00-K14 Diseases of salivary glands and jaws related damages and germ build up.
  • K20-K31 Diseases of Oesophagus, stomach and bowels
  • K35-K38 Diseases of Appendix 
  • K40-K46 Severe diseases related to Hernia 
  • K50-K52 Non effective enteritis and colon
  • K55-K64 Other diseases of intestines (which are recently discovered or found rarely)
  • K65-K67 Peritoneum related diseases
  • K70-K77 Diseases of Liver
  • K80-K87 Disorders related to Gallbladder, Pancreas & biliary tract
  • K90-K93 Common digestion related diseases

There are Disorders under Asterisk category of Constipation ICD 10 Code as follows : 

  • K23* Disorders of Oesophagus in diseases classified elsewhere.
  • K67* Disorders of peritoneum in infectious diseases.
  • K77* Liver related disorders in diseases.
  • K87* Disorders of gallbladder, biliary tract and pancreas in diseases.
  • K93* Disorders of other digestive organs in diseases.

Causes of Constipation and their ICD codes

  • Fecal impaction, K56.41
  • Incomplete defecation, R15.0
  • Change in bowel habit, R19.4
  • Intestinal Malabsorption, K90.
  • Psychogenic intestinal disorders, F45.8
  • Functional disorders of stomach, K31.


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