Advantages of Lean Construction Methodology

Advantages of Lean Construction Methodology
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10 December 2022

At our company focused on knowledge of energy efficiency in the construction sector. We work with one of the most important methodologies today. Lean Construction, a doctrine that shapes the way in which we are going to carry out a project. And, in turn, to the procedure. We will use that to guarantee excellent results from Civil Works Contractors.

At, a construction company, ​​we are one of the few construction companies that use the Lean construction methodology, focusing our work on the importance of collaboration with the building owner, the project architects, engineers, and industrialists preparing a global construction project. And integrating all the participating agents from the beginning of the project.

The Future Of Construction

A construction project that does not follow the standardized vision of construction. As pursued by the Lean Construction methodology. It will require a comprehensive change in the company's internal work methodology.

Stems From Strategic Planning

One of the biggest differences between traditional construction and lean construction stems from strategic planning, which forces all parties to have a clear set of goals, objectives, and benchmarks to achieve a common end goal.

Making The Project More Successful

This planning makes it imperative that each agent participating in the project work together. Instead making the project more successful in both time and cost than following a traditional construction methodology.

Managing And Improving the Construction Process

Lean construction is a production methodology aimed at optimizing costs, materials, time, and dedication of resources. It is based on managing and improving the construction process to optimally cover the needs of our clients.

Maximize Value and Production of The Project

Likewise, it is vitally important to implement techniques that minimize the effect of risks on the construction time of the project. Using the principles of Lean Construction, the optimal result would be to maximize the value and production of the project, minimizing the time and associated costs.

Benefits Of Lean Construction In Our Construction Company

Fundamental principles include: creating a predictable atmosphere based on planning and data, reducing excess waste from careful planning, and increasing communication flows between the client and the project at hand.

Most Important Advantages Of Lean Construction

It is a way of thinking that believes that less is more in construction. At our company, we want to highlight the most important advantages:

  • Reduction of costs by using less materials and by having less waste when working, therefore require no subsequent cleaning.
  • Decreased construction time thanks to greater planning and strategic vision.
  • Quick identification of the process that the client wants, eliminating steps that do not add value to the project.
  • Increased productivity due to a higher planning rate.
  • Pursuit of perfection through continuous improvement.
  • High customer satisfaction, increased profits, and volume of projects.
  • Higher safety rate and lower risk of accidents for workers by giving greater focus and understanding.

To maximizing value would be the optimal result of Lean Construction.

Adds Is Predictability And Flow

One of the main problems presented by the standard construction procedure is the lack of predictability in the actions. Since unforeseen events lead to a significant loss of time, stress, and waste of material. Therefore, one of the contributions that lean construction adds is predictability and flow. Thus, eliminating any negative aspects that may arise.

We can help you with our innovative Lean methodology if you need our services. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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