Advantages of Living Off-Campus Student Accommodation Exeter

Advantages of Living Off-Campus Student Accommodation Exeter
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Making the decision to leave the dorm and move into an off campus apartment can be challenging. Dorms provide comfort through convenience and ease. Outside of your dorm room, residential hall, and college campus, there is a vast world, though. Off-campus housing is a part of that big world and it might alter how you live as a college student. Although leaving campus can be a difficult decision, there are several significant benefits that may help you make your mind up. These benefits include having access to a wide range of amenities, having greater living space, saving money, learning from experience, and creating your own rules. So, these benefits may help make up for any hesitation you may have about off-campus living if you're looking to rent a place.

Offers you more room to live in

Although dorm rooms are usually small, having a roommate might make it uncomfortable. Due to their size, they hardly qualify as "living space." Even if it could be great to live in such a little place as a freshman, such circumstances may just become inappropriate as you become older. Rentable homes outside of campus are substantially bigger. Dorm rooms are often significantly larger than even a room for rent. Off-campus housing also provides actual living space. Typically, apartments include a full kitchen, a separate bedroom, a living room, and storage. A larger, more mature place is also simpler to share with a roommate. Also, it will be easier and more enjoyable to hang out with your buddies.

Aids in increasing life experience

The majority of individuals don't like taking on new responsibilities, yet many young college students require it in order to mature. Living away from campus is essentially a slow transition into maturity. You are given a number of new duties, such as:

  • Creating a budget for your rent, bills, and other expenses
  • Cleaning, going grocery shopping, cooking, and doing some simple repairs around the house
  • Solving issues in your apartment or scheduling repairs
  • Recognizing and executing contracts
  • Interacting with and forming connections with the experts who offer you a service, such as the property manager, landlord, and maintenance staff

Off-campus living can save you money

Surprisingly, a lot of off-campus Student Accommodation Exeter is less expensive than on-campus possibilities for living. But in order to get the greatest offers, you need to be prepared to shop around. For instance, renting in a well-liked area will be significantly more expensive than a dorm or renting somewhere else. Do your research and pick an affordable neighborhood that is close to your university.

Nevertheless, you won't have to worry about pricing or proximity to your education and amenities if you pick an apartment complex provided by a top letting agent. Renowned student accommodation providers provide accessible student housing that is reasonably priced and close to amenities. Not to mention that most of the rentals are inclusive, so there are no additional fees for utilities. Living off campus can be made even more economical by sharing expenses like rent, bills, and other living expenses with a roommate. Living in a dorm prevents you from enjoying this luxury because, while having a roommate, they do not cover half of your costs.

Permits you to establish your own rules

There are many regulations in dorms, such as curfews and limitations on overnight visitors. Also, they have a Resident Advisor (RA) who keeps an eye on the kids and upholds these regulations. On the other hand, in your own residence, you decide the rules. But bear in mind that there are broad guidelines for apartment complexes regarding the use of amenities, occupancy, noise levels, and pets. However, these general guidelines aren't nearly as stringent as those that are present in dorms. 

Access to a wide range of amenities

Having access to or being close to amenities is one of the best things about living off-campus. Most private complexes provide a wide range of amenities. For instance, they provide a gym, a state-of-the-art theatre, a study lounge, a ping pong table, free Wi-Fi, and much more. Such homes not only provide conveniences but also bring you closer to them. You'll be able to walk to restaurants, supermarkets, shopping, parks, and more. You'll be able to travel and experience more as a result.

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