Why Facebook Ads and AdvertSuite

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AdvertSuite is the first and largest program of its kind, ensuring that you run Facebook ads that generate you money right away- it's that simple.


Advertsuite enables you to make large bets on the main internet traffic generating method - Facebook Advertising - right now.




AdvertSuite has the world's largest library of Facebook adverts, including:

You can use ADVERTSUITE to:

By searching a keyword, rival fan page, or domain, you can see all the advertising in ANY Niche and separate out the winners with a single click.

See who the ad is targeting and, more crucially, who is connecting with the ad in real time so you can reproduce it.



See where the ad is traveling so you can determine which sales page design converts.



Recreate the winning advertisements for YOUR company and you'll never have to worry about developing an ad that doesn't succeed.







Here's how Advertsuite 2.0 will have you producing money as soon as today.

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Take the guesswork out of Facebook ads.

Advertsuite informs you which advertisements are now working (and which are not) so you don't waste money on advertising that don't work - Look for KEYWORDS, NICHES, COMPETITORS, and even domains to see what advertisements are running and, more importantly, which are winning.


Increase Buyer Traffic

Nowadays, Ads

Allow Advertsuite to SHOW you the best performing advertisements in your niche, eliminating the need to test, alter, and edit ads.




Advertsuite will show you ALL of your competitors' running advertisements as well as their landing pages in one dashboard so you can see what works and reproduce it.


The World's Largest Facebook


Database of Ads

Advertsuite provides you with the world's largest Facebook ad library to search, with over 80 million advertisements from 15 countries and thousands of new ads uploaded everyday.


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Demographics and


Filters for Engagement

These allow you to search advertising based on gender, age, marital status, and geography, as well as the most likes, comments, or shares to see what individuals are most interested in.


Geographical location filters

Do you despise not knowing which countries to target? Advertsuite breaks down where any ad is shown to help you better identify the audience you're looking for.


Image and video

Advertisement Integration

Advertsuite will show you which video advertisements are doing the best for YOUR niche in TODAY'S market, as video ads are a leading ad technique.


Action Is Needed

Sorting Based on

Advertsuite will allow you to select ads based on their call to action, displaying the best call to action for your campaign and niche.


Position of advertisement



Have you ever wondered which advertising perform better in the news feed versus the side bar? Advertsuite solves this by displaying what is currently working well in both.


Module for Funnel Breakdown

Advertsuite will not only show you the winning ADS, but also the landing page to which the traffic is being sent in a single dashboard, allowing you to reproduce the winning funnels.


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Advertsuite was intended to allow consumers to REMOVE the guesswork of Facebook advertisements and never waste money testing again. Advertsuite 1.0 became the world's #1 social traffic software because it simply provided users with results. Now Advertsuite 2.0 is here, and this is YOUR chance to dominate on the world's #1 advertising platform.



Advertsuite 2.0 also includes:



Over 80 million NEW advertising AND ad types have been added to allow you to dominate ANY market without ever testing advertisements.


Since 2019, we've introduced millions of advertising every month, in addition to over ten new types of ads added by Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. Advertsuite has it all: Instagram story ads, video advertisements, side column ads, third-party site ads, retargeting ads, you name it, and it allows you to never waste money testing what works because Advertsuite SHOWS you.


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With our AI syndication suite, you can instantly dominate on Instagram, YouTube, and Google ads at the same time.


Advertsuite now allows you to search and view all Instagram, Google, and YouTube adverts like never before. Advertsuite 1.0 included basic searches for these platforms but was largely focused on Facebook advertisements; however, in 2022, Instagram, YouTube, and Google ads are core platforms people utilize to generate sales, and Advertsuite has evolved to be the actual one-stop shop for the big four platforms. This syndication will be known as oto1.



With our AI Funnel Search Software, you can generate massive lists and sales.


Want to find advertisements that connect directly to a funnel page and instantly be able to establish a winning funnel? To locate ads that only go to clickfunnels, lead pages, or ANY funnel site, use Advertsuite's FUNNEL search. This is ideal for people who are establishing a list, performing affiliate marketing, ecommerce, or local marketing.



With our Ecom Search feature, you may find winning Ecommerce items and adverts in ANY niche.


Advertsuite shows you advertisements that ONLY go to a shopify, magneto, or woocommerce store, as well as ads (and products) that really create sales.



Simply input your topic, filter the winners with a single click, and repeat, or utilize Advertsuite to identify products that ARE selling right now OR select ads that have appeared in the last 6 months; the possibilities are unlimited.



Affiliate Marketing + Search by Special Interest (FINALLY be able to promote offers & niches such as CBD, mens health, crypto etc)


Increase your revenue dramatically without ever being concerned about being banned. One of the most difficult challenges for many advertisers is figuring out how to develop ads that promote an affiliate offer or a 'gray area' specialty like CBD, gambling, crypto, etc. without getting blacklisted.



Advertsuite 2.0 enables you to immediately search the top niches that users are having troubles with, as well as HOW to promote these links and niches by displaying the winning (and losing) ads that follow the TOPS to allow them to do so.



This is game changing because these niches are less competitive (due to TOS violations) but EXTREMELY profitable, with a tiny number of people receiving the lion's share. You can do so now.


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