Affpilot A.I.(Review)–The Most Powerful Blogging Tools+50k Bonus Credits

Affpilot A.I.(Review)–The Most Powerful Blogging Tools+50k Bonus Credits

Hi there! Recently I have discovered a 100% blogging solution tool at the cheapest cost and in the easiest way forever. Today, I am here to share that with you. It’s challenging to juggle affiliate marketing and blogging simultaneously. It’s like trying to complete two jobs with one hand, which can make it difficult to progress smoothly and quickly. That’s why affiliate marketers often need a virtual assistant to help them complete their writing or marketing work. Fortunately, I’ve found a revolutionary tool called Affpilot A.I. which assists me in my blogging and affiliate marketing profession. This tool can write human-like and fully automated content, making it easier for me to manage both jobs at once. No matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced in blogging, it will work the same for both of you.

Actually, as an affiliate marketer, mostly I need to focus on market and Product research, as well as it is needed to focus on keyword research and analysis. But unfortunately, I’ve to struggle with blogging too. Affpilot helps me to get relief from this burden.

Like me, If you are looking for a way to create high-quality articles quickly and easily, you might want to check out the Affpilot AI writing tool. Affpilot is a powerful tool that uses natural language understanding algorithms to help you write SEO-friendly content.

It can provide you with instant feedback, grammar corrections, topic suggestions, bulk article writing, and more. It can also generate realistic text and images based on your seed keywords and preferences. In this article, I am going to review the Affpilot A.I. writing tool, which is also known as an autopilot blogging tool.

What is the biggest challenge for an affiliate marketers cum bloggers?

If you are a blogger, and also an affiliate marketer/ Amazan affiliate,/CPA marketer/Digital media marketer having a web/blog site or want to start blogging immediately - you are facing or will have to face:

Affpilot A.I.(Review)–The Most Powerful Blogging Tools+50k Bonus Credits

Some difficulties and common problems of blogging.

  • You are too much tired and bored of blog writing.
  • Taking help from AI writing tools is not satisfactory.
  • Unable to create high-quality content so quickly.
  • It's too time-consuming to collect relevant and credible information for articles.
  • It is too complex to create copywriting to be engaging and persuasive for the audience.
  • It is quite impossible to monitor the performance of the content in real-time
  • I couldn't able to find the content to rank higher on SERPs
  • It is difficult to translate the content into different languages with high accuracy.
  • To improve the quality of writing by correcting grammar and spelling errors solely is so hard.
  • It is difficult to write a review article like Amazon and other affiliate products.
  • Forget to publish the article at a scheduled time.
  • Doing on-page SEO regularly and optimizing the content is also time-consuming.
  • It takes more time to include images and related videos.

Moreover, it is too much hard to handle the marketing strategy and blogging techniques.

How do I Overcome Affiliate marketing and Blogging Problems with the Affpilot A.I. writing tool?

To resolve my blogging and parallelly affiliate marketing problems, I have tried with many A. I writing tools. I have tested (Free version of) Chat GPT 3.5, Chat GPT 4, Jasper, Copy A.I., etc, and many other tools. These tools are very useful. However, I was not too much satisfied and powerful with solving all the issues mentioned above.

When I became too much tired of doing all the jobs, I searched through the web. Luckily, I got a wonderful and amazing tool that was sponsored by its owner. It was the Affpilot AI Writing Tool. I have read all the features, but could not believe it. So, I tried to write with the Affpilot A.I. writing tool as a free member of their trial option. Finally, I bought their Mini package to analyze more and to write bulk content. As a result, I was simply surprised and impressed by its capabilities and features. It has an intuitive interface that allows me to choose the type, length, tone, and style of my article.

I can also customize the content by adding or removing sentences, paragraphs, or sections. I can preview the article before publishing it and make any changes I want. With their free credits, I have found some amazing features, which really surprised me. I found:

Some Revolutionizing features in Affpilot A.I. Blogging tool:

  1. High-quality content and 100% unique content: Affpilot is an AI-based writing tool that helps you create high-quality 100% unique content in a matter of minutes. You need to input the "seed keywords only" and it will generate the SEO-friendly (H1 tag)= "Title".
  2. SEO Friendly and human-like Articles: It can write SEO-friendly and human-like articles that are informative and engaging for the readers.
  3. Multiple blogs in a single click: It can generate up to 1000 blog post articles in one click, each with 3000+ words and unique content.
  4. Automatic Keyword Optimization: It can optimize your content for targeted keywords and SEO best practices with Affpilot’s assistance.
  5. Automated Inclusion of Relevant Images and Videos to Articles: Affpilot can add relevant images and videos to the articles from sources like Pixabay/ Youtube etc. and make them more attractive and appealing.
  6. Adsense-based info article: Affpilot can write Adsense-based info articles automatically
  7. SAAS product review article: It can write a review on SAAS products.
  8. Amazon product review article: Affpilot is able to generate an Amazon product and other review articles as SEO-friendly.
  9. Comparison VS type article: Write a comparison (VS) article with a single click within a few seconds.
  10. Automatic Header- Subheader and applicable Table Insertion: It can generate on-page SEO-friendly Header/Subheader and Table automatically.
  11. Original and unique: Affpilot Ensure your content is original and unique with Affpilot’s plagiarism checker feature.
  12. Specific Needs: Tailor your content to specific needs such as tone, style, and format using customizable templates offered by Affpilot.
  13. Engage and persuade: Engage and persuade your audience with relevant, high-quality copywriting generated by Affpilot.
  14. Relevant and credible information: Research and source content automatically with Affpilot, which provides relevant and credible information for your articles.
  15. Automatic grammar and spelling checker: Improve your writing quality by correcting any errors using Affpilot’s built-in grammar and spelling checker feature.
  16. Readability Score: Measure how easy your content is to read and understand with Affpilot’s readability score feature.
  17. Emotion and sentiment: Detect the tone and emotion of your content and adjust it accordingly using Affpilot’s sentiment analysis feature.
  18. Auto-scheduling feature for WordPress and Blogger: Plan and publish your content at the best time for your audience with Affpilot’s scheduling feature. It can integrate with WordPress and Blogger to automatically publish articles to your website, saving you time and hassle.
  19. Free trial Option: Try Affpilot for free with its 14-day trial option, which lets you experience the tool without any charge. You can write with all categories.
  20. LSI and Search intended keywords: You can input manually LSI and Customize your article by inputting search intended keywords and add-remove options of any header and subheader using Affpilot’s HumanLike Mode (Outline to article).
  21. Best Customer Service and Review: Customer service is best among any online product. You will get the best experience of customer service from the Affpilot A.I. team. You can ask for any type of cooperation related to blogging (Not only for Affpilot A.I.). According to Trustpilot, it has 4.5 /5.00 Ratings.
  22. Pay-as-you-go basis: It is a SAAS-based A.I. content-generating tool/Product. That means You have to pay only when you want to use it.
  23. Minimum Cost: The writing cost per thousand words is between USD .035 - USD .058 only.

Get a free Trial.

How My Blogging and Marketing Life Is Easier Now?

My Realization and experience through Affpilot A.I. writing Tool:

Now I am using Affpilot, which is an AI-driven tool for generating impressive blog posts and write-ups. It helps me to create content quicker, easily, and efficiently. It helps me to save time and effort in producing content for my blog, website, or business. Affpilot can also help me improve my writing skills and learn from its suggestions. Whether you are a professional writer, blogger, or company owner, Affpilot can enhance your content creation process and make it more enjoyable.

The ability of Affpilot to produce as many as 1000 blog post articles in just one click with every article having over 3000 thousand words and completely original content is amazing. As such, it is a perfect instrument especially for bloggers, affiliate marketers, or any individual having to develop various pieces.

Additionally, affpilot can write SEO-friendly and human-readable articles that are educative and entertaining. It enables incorporating useful pictures/videos (from sites such as Pixabay /Freepik/ Youtube) into posts thus turning them a bit more appealing to the reader.

Affpilot also integrates with open-source systems such as WordPress and Affpilot will allow you to post your articles on your blog easily and without bothering about the tedious procedures of web posting. Particularly, anyone who produces massive content frequently will find this aspect to be beneficial.

Also, Affpilot is capable of writing review articles both manually and automatically for affiliate marketing purposes. It is a good tool as it will be perfect for creating product reviews and other forms of affiliate marketing content.

Limitation of Affpilot:

Affpilot is a relatively new tool that is still being developed and improved. It may have some limitations and errors that need to be fixed. It may also not work well for some topics or niches that require more depth and complexity. Therefore, You should always test the tool before buying it and see if it suits your needs and goals.

Affpilot is a promising AI article-writing tool that can revolutionize how we create content. It has many advantages and benefits that can help you produce high-quality articles rapidly and efficiently.

However, it also has some challenges and drawbacks that need to be considered and addressed. The decision to buy Affpilot should depend on how well it aligns with your content creation requirements and objectives.

My Opinion:

Affpilot is not a magic tool that can write everything for me. So, I still need to have some knowledge and expertise in my niche and provide some input and guidance to the tool. I also need to review the content carefully and make sure it is accurate, relevant, and original. Affpilot is not a substitute for human creativity and judgment, but a complement and support.

Get 50K Bonus Words for your first purchase.

Remember, the Bonus of 50 K words will be applicable only when you Register or buy any offer through the given link of my site, Otherwise, in case of direct purchase or web search registration it will not be applicable. If you buy through my link you will get 50k words and I will get some affiliate commission for my bread and butter. Besides you will also get a promotional link as a referrer and a premium user as well as the bonus words (Additionally) to write your content.

Remember: (Must Read)

Affpilot A.i. Writing Tool: At a Glance

Product's Name



Software / AI writing Tool

Official Website

Click Here

Launching date


Present Users

27 K+

Total Website

31 K+

Written Articles

10 M+


4.5 Trustpilot


Shahidujzaman Shahid, Bangladesh.


6 packages

Free Package

Yes / 4 articles [1 AI Info Article (Website) +1 AI Info Article (Editor) + 1 AI Review Article (Manual) + 1 AI Review Article (Auto)]

Average Pricing

Maximum cost - USD 0.058 / 1000 Words and Minimum Cost USD 0.035/ 1000 Words (SAAS)



Package Details of Affpilot AI Revolutionizing tool:

Package Name

Total Credits




4 Articles

14 Days

$ 0.00


170,000 Words (170 K)

1 Months

$ 9.90


700,000 Words (700K)

1 Months

$ 22.90


2, 000, 000 Words (2 M)

2 Months

$ 52.90


5,000,000 Words (5 M)

2 Months

$ 159.00


10,000,000 Words (100 M)

3 Months

$ 359.00

Combo Offer (For Newbie)

A new web hosting + Domain + Theme & Design + 150K free Words

1 months

$ 75.

Pricing List - Affpilot AI

Remember, the pricing may vary based on your specific requirements and the level of support you need. It's recommended to reach out to the Affpilot A.I. team for a customized quote based on your business's needs.

Benefits of Affpilot A.I. Packages:

By investing in the right Affpilot A.I. blogging tools package, you can unlock a multitude of benefits that will accelerate your content marketing efforts. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Improved keyword research to target high-converting search queries
  • Streamlined content creation process with data-driven recommendations
  • Competitor analysis to identify content gaps and opportunities
  • Advanced reporting to track the performance of your blog posts
  • Custom integrations for seamless workflows with your existing tools
  • Dedicated support to address any questions or concerns

Considerations For Small Businesses Vs. Enterprise-level Companies

When choosing the right Affpilot A.I. blogging tools package, it's important to consider the specific needs and scale of your business. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Small Businesses: If you're a small business or a starting blogger, the Mini or Exclusive package may offer the necessary features to optimize your content strategy efficiently. These packages provide a cost-effective solution and are a great starting point to grow your blog.
  • Enterprise-Level Companies: For larger companies or established bloggers with significant content production, the Ultra/ Mega and Expert package offers advanced features and dedicated support. This comprehensive solution is designed to meet the demands of scaling your blogging operations effectively.

Making An Informed Decision: Which Package Is Right For You?

Now that you have a thorough understanding of Affpilot A.I.'s different packages, features, pricing, and benefits, it's time to make an informed decision. Identify your specific requirements, consider your business's size and goals, and evaluate the features that align with your blogging strategy.

Whether you opt for the Basic (Mini or Exclusive package), Pro (Ultra/ Mega ), or Enterprise (Expert ) package, Affpilot A.I. blogging tools will undoubtedly enhance your content marketing efforts, drive traffic to your blog, and boost your conversions.

Therefore, you should take the next step towards maximizing your blog's potential with Affpilot A.I. today.


Finally, I hope this review helps you make an informed decision about the Affpilot AI writing tool. If you want to learn more about Affpilot, you can visit their website or read some other reviews. Thank you for reading my blog post! You will get 50,000 Bonus words to write your blog if you buy any package only through my link. try it.

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