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21 November 2023

Videos today represent the primary key to communication. To disseminate news effectively, it is essential to leverage editing tools that allow the creation of immediate and efficient content. In what has become an ocean of continually growing and updated products and solutions, we have selected a few, all powered by artificial intelligence, that can simplify the creation process.

FlexClip: FlexClip is an intuitive online video editor equipped with AI technology catering to beginners and professionals. It offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of video creation and editing features. With FlexClip, users can easily create engaging videos using templates, customizable elements, and AI-driven tools like text-to-video, text-to-speech, and blog-to-video for text animations, transitions, and video optimization. It allows seamless integration of media files, real-time previews, and the option to add voiceovers and sound effects. FlexClip also provides export options and supports different aspect ratios for social media platforms. Pricing starts from a free plan with limitations on features, while the paid plans, ranging from €7.99 to €23.99 per month, offer more extensive resources and features for video creation and editing.

Adobe Premiere Pro: Adobe Premiere Pro is an advanced video editor that uses Adobe Sensei AI to improve features such as automatic cropping, color correction, and audio balance. This makes it ideal for video professionals producing high-quality content. It requires a subscription starting from €20.87 per month and requires a powerful computer. Among the advantages, we indeed find the tools that confirm the authenticity of the videos.

Topaz Video AI: Topaz Video AI is a powerful AI video enhancement and upscaling program focusing on image quality. Using artificial intelligence it improves details and optimizes quality. Thanks to convolutional neural networks and generative adversarial networks, it operates on small video pieces before recomposing them, guaranteeing granular improvements. Upscaling, noise reduction, video stabilization, and frame rate conversion are main features. The interface is intuitive, but editing features are limited and require a powerful GPU for best performance.

Wondershare Filmora: Filmora simplifies the editing process with AI algorithms that analyze video footage to create engaging projects, saving you valuable time automatically. The motion tracking feature uses AI to add text, graphics or effects that follow objects or subjects in your videos, giving it a professional touch. With AI Style Transfer, you can apply unique artistic styles to your footage, turning them into works of visual art. Additionally, AI automatically removes the background from videos, which is useful for green screen effects or subject isolation. The suite offers an intuitive interface, drag-and-drop templates, a built-in screen recorder, and affordable pricing, though it may lack some advanced features. uses AI to automatically generate subtitles from dialogues and track moving objects. Recently, it has improved AI-based color grading and audio mastering. Although advanced features are limited, is ideal for social media content creators. The free plan is sufficient for basic use, while the premium plan at €9.48 per month offers Full HD videos and extra professional resources.

Synthesia: Synthesia that creates AI avatars with precise lip-syncing. It offers custom voice cloning and API integrations. Key features include customizable avatars, automatic lip-syncing, text-to-speech conversion, multilingual support, custom animations, and AI-enhanced facial expressions. The benefits are definitely easy AI avatar creation and customization of voice and language options, but videos might seem synthetic, with limited editing capabilities. Prices: €9.48 per month for personal avatars, and customized business prices.

InVideo: InVideo makes creating corporate videos easy with a vast library of templates and AI. It uses AI to generate high-quality text-based video scripts and offers a library of over 10,000 templates. Create video drafts from text and automatically assemble images, animations and voiceovers. Ideal for businesses that want to create marketing videos quickly, but with limited advanced customization. Prices: €9.49 (Basic), €19 (Premium) per month.

Descript: Descript is a powerful AI-powered audio and video editing tool. It offers accurate transcriptions, text-based editing, voice cloning, and text-to-video conversion. It's ideal for podcast producers, videographers, and remote teams to edit and collaborate on audio and video projects easily. Pros: Automatic transcriptions, text-based editing, voice cloning, easy collaboration. Cons: Limited in advanced video editing, steep learning curve for some features. Prices: Free (Personal) or €11.40 per month per user (Team).

RawShorts: RawShorts turns text into animated explainer videos with customizable templates and synthesized voiceovers. It is useful for startups, agencies and companies that want to create high-quality explainer videos cost-effectively. Key benefits include automated animation, text analysis, and voiceovers, but the Animation Style is not for everyone's steep learning curve. Prices: €6.32 (Main plan) or €15.81 (Business plan) per month.

Lumen5: Lumen5 converts texts into engaging animated videos, transforming blogs and articles into engaging videos, making it easy to reuse textual content. The vast media library offers images, videos, and voiceovers, which can be easily integrated. AI suggests resources in line with branding and analyzes viewer sentiment to optimize content. Suitable for marketers, agencies, and content creators. Prices from €34 to €68 per month.

Kaiber: Kaiber that makes it easy to create professional music videos. Even without experience, you can quickly create unique videos from images or audio, allowing you to personalize videos of your memories. Kaiser offers a simple and intuitive interface to control the camera, adjust the duration, add or remove elements, and customize the style. Prices based on your needs range from €5 to €20 per month.

Colourlab AI: Colourlab AI is an AI-powered color grading software loved by over 500 post-production houses. Simple to use, it automates complex color corrections, saving you time. It offers automatic color balance and smart filters to create cinematic looks. It is compatible with software like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, simplifying your workflow. Prices €14 (creator) €40 (Pro) €49 (businesses) per month, but a free trial is possible.

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