Air France Unaccompanied Minor

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Traveling alone can be a significant milestone for young passengers, and ensuring their safety and comfort during the journey is a top priority for parents and guardians. Air France, one of the world's premier airlines, offers a comprehensive Air France Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service designed to provide young travelers with a secure and enjoyable flying experience. In this article, we'll explore the details of Air France's Unaccompanied Minor service, including the age requirements, booking process, and the care provided to young passengers.

Air France Unaccompanied Minor

Getting to Know Air France

Air France, part of the Air France-KLM Group, is the national flag carrier of France and a renowned international airline. It operates an extensive network of flights to destinations around the globe, always emphasizing passenger safety and satisfaction.

Why Unaccompanied Minor Travel Matters

Several situations may lead to young travelers flying alone:

  1. Family Visits: Children often need to visit relatives living in different cities or countries.

  2. Educational Journeys: For educational purposes, children may attend boarding schools, summer camps, or other programs that require air travel.

  3. Emergencies: Unforeseen circumstances or family emergencies can necessitate a child's solo travel.

Air France Unaccompanied Minor Fee

Air France recognizes the importance of providing a secure and attentive travel experience for unaccompanied minors. For parents and guardians considering this service, it's crucial to be aware of the Air France unaccompanied minor fee, which covers the additional care and assistance provided during the journey. The cost of this fee may vary depending on the flight's route and other factors, so it's advisable to check Air France's official website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information. While this fee is an extra expense, it ensures that young travelers receive the necessary support, supervision, and a smooth travel experience, making it a valuable option for families seeking peace of mind when their children are flying alone with Air France.

Air France Unaccompanied Minor Age Requirements

Air France has specific age requirements for children traveling alone:

  1. Children Aged 4 to 11: Children in this age group are eligible for the Air France Unaccompanied Minor service. This service ensures their safety and comfort throughout the journey.

  2. Children Aged 12 to 17: While not mandatory, children aged 12 to 17 can still use the Unaccompanied Minor service if their parents or guardians request it. This additional support provides peace of mind for both the young traveler and their family.

Key Features of Air France's Unaccompanied Minor Service

Air France's Unaccompanied Minor service offers several essential features to ensure a smooth and secure journey for young passengers:

1. Dedicated Assistance

Young travelers receive dedicated assistance from Air France staff members who accompany them through the airport and during the flight.

2. Supervised Check-In

Air France personnel assist with the check-in process and remain with the child until they are safely onboard the aircraft.

3. In-Flight Care

Cabin crew members take special care of the child during the flight, ensuring their comfort, providing meals, and offering entertainment options.

4. Arrival Assistance

Upon reaching the destination, Air France personnel ensure that the child is met by the designated adult, following strict safety procedures.

5. Secure Procedures

Air France has stringent procedures in place to verify the identity of the adult picking up the child at the destination, ensuring a safe handover.

Booking the Unaccompanied Minor Service

To book Air France's Unaccompanied Minor service, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Air France: Reach out to Air France's customer service or visit their website to initiate the booking process. You'll need to provide essential information, including the child's age, flight details, and contact information for both the departure and arrival points.

  2. Complete Required Forms: Depending on the destination and specific requirements, you may need to fill out forms and provide identification for both the child and the adult receiving them at the destination.

  3. Inform the Receiving Adult: Ensure that the designated adult at the destination is aware of the arrival procedures and has the necessary identification to pick up the child.


Air France's Unaccompanied Minor service is a valuable resource for parents and guardians, ensuring that children aged 4 to 11 can travel safely and confidently. With dedicated assistance throughout the journey, young travelers can embark on their adventures with peace of mind, knowing that Air France is committed to their well-being from check-in to arrival.

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