Air Source Heat Pumps: Extracting Heat from the Air to Heat Water

Air Source Heat Pumps: Extracting Heat from the Air to Heat Water
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02 June 2023

In present day years, air provide heat pumps (ASHPs) have emerged as a well-known and eco-friendly desire to normal heating techniques such as gas boilers. ASHPs work through the usage of extracting heat from the air out of doors and transferring it to the water used for heating in a home or building. Zealux is a main air to water heat pump supplier , with a huge vary of fashions designed for residential and business use. Zealux heat pumps are regarded for their excessive effectivity and reliability, making them a famous desire amongst householders and companies alike. In this article, we will discover out the working principle of ASHPs, examine them with everyday boilers, and spotlight the energy-saving advantages of ASHPs. air to water heat pump supplierair to water heat pump supplier  

Working Principle of ASHPs

  ASHPs attribute on the equal principle as refrigerators, then again in reverse. Refrigerators dispose of heat from their interiors and swap it to the air outside. ASHPs, on the exclusive hand, extract heat from the air outdoor and exchange it to the water indoors the building, which is then disbursed through radiators or underfloor heating. ASHPs encompass a refrigerant fluid, which absorbs warmness from the out of doorways air and is then compressed, which raises its temperature. The heat is then transferred to the water via a heat exchanger.   ASHPs are designed to work correctly in backyard temperatures as low as -15°C. This is due to the truth even at low temperatures, there is nevertheless some heat electrical energy current in the air, which can be harnessed by way of the heat pump.  

Comparison with Traditional Boilers

  One of the main benefits of ASHPs is their effectivity in altering energy to heat. While a fuel boiler converts about 90% of the electricity it consumes into heat, ASHPs can convert up to 300% of the electrical electricity they devour into heat. This is due to the truth the heat is extracted from the air outside, which is truly free. ASHPs are moreover quieter and safer than extensive boilers due to the reality they do no longer comprise the combustion of fossil fuels.  

Energy-Saving Advantages of ASHPs

  ASHPs provide severa energy-saving benefits over ordinary heating methods. First, they can assist decrease electrical power repayments with the resource of up to 40%. This is due to the truth they require lots tons much less energy to produce the identical volume of heat as regular boilers. Second, ASHPs produce reduce carbon emissions than fossil fuel-powered boilers, making them a greener desire for heating. Third, ASHPs can be used to each and every heat and cool a building, which can in addition reduce electrical energy consumption via disposing of the desire for separate heating and cooling systems.  


  air to water heat pump manufacturerair to water heat pump manufacturer ASHPs are a promising science for eco-friendly heating and hot water supply. They work with the aid of the use of way of extracting heat from the air backyard and transferring it to the water used for heating in a building. Compared to traditional boilers, ASHPs are large energy-efficient, safer, and produce reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, they can be used for each and every heating and cooling, making them a versatile and price high quality preference for many applications. Zealux air to water heat pump manufacturer , it is dedicated to the use of the modern science and substances to create merchandise that are each environment friendly and environmentally friendly. With a center of attention on innovation and sustainability, Zealux is supporting to lead the way in the improvement of eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions. Click on the link to learn more:  

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