Alicia Keys Skin Care

Alicia Keys Skin Care

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Alicia Keys Reveals Her Exact Skincare Routine For Clear, Radiant Skin

Her credible voice has garnered her numerous Grammys over the course of her career. The superstar singer also came onstage without a trace of makeup to host the 2020 awards presentation, and her skin was immaculate.

Fortunately, Alicia is not reluctant to share her secrets. While marketing her new skincare line, Keys Soulcare, she recently divulged numerous of her secrets. In addition, she divulged a wealth of information about her routine in a YouTube video at the end of 2019.

Alicia enjoys a thorough facial cleansing, and she's not afraid to use a mask that smells like "farts."

Therefore, pay close attention since you'll want to steal some of her brilliant tips.


Alicia asserts that drinking water is essential.

Alicia fills a huge mason jar with water before she applies any items. She explains, "Water is a secret, though it sounds so simple." It is essential." She sip her water, which is occasionally flavoured with fresh fruit, through a metal straw while lighting candles and burning palo santo incense. "I am a candle fanatic," Alicia adds.


She applies a roller on her skin.

Alicia's new skincare collection includes a $25 obsidian roller that she uses to soothe her skin. She comments, "I truly enjoy using this on my skin." "It is fantastic for congested or prone-to-congestion skin, which I and many others have. It can minimise the look of face puffiness by relaxing facial and muscle tension." According to Alicia, the best de-puffing effect is achieved by placing the item on ice before to usage.


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Alicia cleanses her skin in depth.

Alicia uses face wipes to "wash away the day." She suggests using hot water and a washcloth in addition to the specified substance. However, this is just the beginning of her cleaning. Next, she employs the "very potent" Osmosis Beauty Deep Clean Detox Cleanser.


She has a passion for cleaning.

Alicia enjoys using her own Keys Soulcare Golden Cleanser to detoxify her skin. "I love it. Adore it, adore it, "she asserts "It cleanses... It smells incredible. It is delicate, but lovely." Alicia says she like the feeling of cleanliness after using it. "On the back of the Golden Cleanser, our mantra reads, "I am devoted to this now." As we find these times to indulge in self-care, even if it's as simple as cleaning our faces, I believe we can devote ourselves to the present moment and avoid hurrying."


She then applies a toner.

In her YouTube video, Alicia sprays Liv by Knutek Klar Toner, a therapeutic spray toner, all over her face. She states, "This one is more therapeutic." It contains honey and tea tree oil, as well as antifungal and antibacterial characteristics that help fight acne. Alicia applies products to her face with her fingertips, always in an upward manner. She states, "I believe the interaction is quite vital."


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Alicia cures her pimples with an odorous lotion.

You would never guess it, but Alicia also suffers from acne. She explains, "My skin wants to cause me trouble and break out, therefore I must constantly consider this." "Everyone struggles to maintain clear skin, and I am extremely familiar with this issue. My favourite trick is The Advanced Blemish Lotion with Sulfur, a wacky-sounding concoction."


The only negative, she claims, is that it smells like flatulence. She applies it by dipping a cotton swab into the vial, swirling it, and dotting it on her active breakouts. Alicia said, "They're dope, and they have a lot of amazing items."


Then, she applies moisturisers liberally.

Alicia begins by applying Au Lait Body Butter by Scottish Fine Soaps to cover the sulphur scent of her acne spot treatment. "It smells incredible," she adds as she applies the fragrance to her arms and neck.


Alicia uses an Epicuren moisturiser and Rosebud Salve lip balm on her face. She claims that both are longtime favourites. As she smells the moisturiser, she exclaims, "Anything with honey is incredible."


She enjoys mask moments immensely.

Alicia favours her Harmony Mask, which is packed with sandalwood and Manuka honey. "I come down the stairs or emerge from my bedroom with this mask on my face, and my entire face is lovely with a brownish-greenish magic. It feels fantastic, "she says. "It cleanses, regulates, and nourishes the skin." Alicia enjoys using this product when her skin is "not cooperating."


Her evening regimen concludes with aromatherapy, essential oils, and tea.

Self-care is as essential as Alicia's skincare regimen. She mists the air with Sacred Rose Water aromatherapy and applies an essential oil blend to her forehead, wrists, and neck. She states, "It's basically about bringing out your intuition and inner voice." "I strive to be the most sensitive and perceptive individual. Therefore, I enjoy simple things that remind me of this."


Alicia's final step?

 A glass of tea Her current favourite beverage is Earl Grey tea with almond milk creamer. Alicia declares, "I brew an excellent cup of tea."


Conclusion :-

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