Aloe Vera For Stomach Ulcers: Can It Work?

Aloe Vera For Stomach Ulcers: Can It Work?
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No one wants to have a gastric ulcer, do they? Unfortunately, many Singaporeans suffer from this health problem. They have to deal with the array of painful symptoms it brings, like heartburn and internal bleeding. 

While conventional medications are still the norm for treating ulcers, other health-conscious people are turning to natural alternatives. For instance, they buy pure aloe vera juice and drink it to soothe the problem. 

Most of us are familiar with aloe vera for its skincare benefits, but can it actually treat stomach ulcers? Let's explore how the plant's healing properties can help you. 

What Exactly Can Aloe Vera Do For Ulcers?

To understand how Aloe Vera can work against ulcers, we have to understand what they are in the first place. 

Gastric ulcers are sores that form in your stomach or intestinal lining when gastric acid eats at it. This lets a certain bacteria infect and inflame the inner layer of your stomach. Taking too many pain relievers can also lead to ulcers, as these medications also irritate the lining. 

This is where aloe vera comes in. In one study in Iran, aloe vera was used on a group of ulcer patients who healed faster than those who did not get treated with aloe vera. 

This is because the plant's gel contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds that can help the ulcers heal faster. By doing so, aloe vera prevents the ulcer from perforating, which is when an ulcer manages to burn through the stomach or intestinal wall. 

How to Use Aloe Vera For Ulcers

If you want to use aloe vera to manage your stomach ulcer, you need to ingest it either by drinking it as a juice or eating the gel. 

Drink Aloe Vera Juice

A quick and easy way to take aloe vera is to drink it. If you want it pure, blend the extracted gel in fresh, cool water. You may also add ingredients like honey or lime to have some flavour. 

You can buy aloe vera juices in groceries and health stores throughout Singapore, but not all may be that healthy. You'll want to look for aloe vera products with little to no additional ingredients. One of these is sugar, which can worsen your ulcer symptoms if you consume too much.

Consuming Pure Aloe Vera

If you want to head straight to business, you could eat the raw gel, though some find it bitter. Be sure to take only the clear gel and soak it thoroughly. It should not have any of the sticky yellow sap, which is toxic at high concentrations and can irritate the skin.

How Much Aloe Vera Should You Drink Daily?

Aloe vera is generally safe to drink or eat daily. However, you should always take it in moderation. The gel is a potent laxative -- take too much, and you could have diarrhoea.

Around 30 to 60 millilitres thrice a day is considered enough to get the most out of its health benefits. If you are unsure whether that amount is safe for you, start with smaller servings (around a tablespoon) and work your way up to an amount you still find comfortable. 

Ask Your Doctor Before Buying Aloe Vera Juice

Before you go out and buy aloe vera juice, check with your physician first, especially when you are taking medications for another health condition. The medicine could cause adverse reactions if it interacts with the aloe vera in your system. You could also be allergic to the plant, so you'd have to find an alternative natural remedy for your stomach ulcer.

If your doctor approves of aloe vera, they can give tips on including it in your ulcer treatment most effectively. 


Aloe vera shows plenty of promise as a natural remedy for stomach ulcers. But do be sure to use it responsibly to avoid any unwanted side effects. Your overall well-being is what matters most, so explore your treatment options wisely!

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