Amped Extender Red Light Issue

Amped Extender Red Light Issue
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07 November 2022

Amped wireless range extenders are grabbing millions of eyes. You want to know why? They are outstanding because of their exceptional features. An Amped wireless extender is the best option, regardless of whether you need internet access in the darkest part of your house or on multiple devices. Sometimes, however, the problem can be fatal. Some issues can be resolved by themselves, while others require professional assistance. One of these is the Amped extender red-light issue.

Are you also a victim of the problem we are discussing? No more discussions if you answered yes. Let's move on to the troubleshooting tips that will make it easy for you to solve the problem like a pro. These tips are straight from the experts. Continue reading.


Are your Amped extenders still glowing red? There are likely new firmware updates that can be installed on your Amped. If you want to get the most from your kiosk, firmware updates are essential. The question is, how do you update firmware? It is easy. You can access the Amped Wireless Extender Setup wizard.

Go to, do log in, and move to the dashboard of your extender. You'll soon see the option to Upgrade Firmware. The screen will guide you through the rest. Download the file according to your model number and flash the firmware manually.

Move the Extender

Is your Amped range extender still showing a red light? You might try moving it to a different location. It could be that the place you have chosen to put your extender isn't ideal or apt. Let's do a quick check. Is there any reflexive surface near your extender. No? great! There are very few chances that WiFi signals will be diverted or mangled. What is the problem? The extender is located near a Bluetooth speaker and a TV.

This is the place where you're lagging. Place the extender immediately. Make sure the extension is in the center of your house. Keep it clear of radio waves and concrete walls.

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Another reason your Amped wireless extender does not appear to be stable is a poor connection between it and the main router.
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