An eye massager that can be recommended for all people

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29 January 2023

An eye massager that can be recommended for all people

I have shared the waist massager, the neck massager and actually a few other massage devices at home that I have not shared this year.

The main reason I bought so many massage products is that over the past few years it has become apparent that I am not getting any younger, and the downside of sitting in the office for long hours is starting to show, and I am getting to an age where I am not comfortable in any way.

The eye massage device I am sharing today gives me a very different feeling, a difference that I will explain in a few scenarios.

Probably, other massagers are the kind where you feel sore and achy in a certain part of your body and you can get some relief with a back or neck massager.

It's especially like the commercials where you get older, your back hurts and your legs cramp up, so you get a massage and then your family is with you in harmony.

The eye massager is the kind of thing that makes your body feel all tingly and your mind go blank and you don't know when you'll fall asleep.

If you were to do a commercial, you would be lying on the sofa, on the beach, in the arms of your lover, comfortably in dreamland.

This feeling reminds me of the horse slaying in Thailand some years ago, where the action would be very intense at first, feeling the whole body being stretched, and then the whole body getting looser and looser

The massage therapist then lights an incense stick and quietly closes the door, so you don't know when you've fallen asleep.

Back to the eye massager, this product is really amazing to use.

There is a cold compress mode and you will definitely let out a wow factor once you have used it.


Two, the eye massager is probably the most complex massager ever made

Three, the eye massager with a cold compress

Four, orbital airbag massage

Five, Protein skin well taken care of

Six, instructions to organize

Seven, summary

An eye massager that can be recommended for all people


This massage device was originally bought by a colleague, he got the unit, leaned on the chair at noon and pressed it for a while, then in the sound of our heated discussion, he actually fell asleep.

We thought he was watching football at night, but he said he wasn't. He was really comfortable with the massage, so he tried it on us one by one.

It is the cold compress function that I mentioned before, I don't have a video, that feeling of a bunch of people surrounding a thing and the person using it exclaiming one after another, you can imagine.

Then I bought one too, and when mine arrived, I took an unboxing first.

Important selling points [intelligent circulation multi-layer airbag kneading pressure], [semiconductor fast heating/cooling], [hot and cold intelligent circulation experience], [dual frequency air pressure bar adjustment]

It seems like every word is quite high-tech, but the most important thing is [Airbag Compression] and [Semiconductor Smart].

These two technical experiences are really good.

The main body of the massage instrument out of the box, there is a bag, you can carry it with you, there is a type-c charging cable, this point is good, do not have to bring an extra data cable.

Fold it up and put it in the bag, even if you put it with your keys, it won't get scratched.

The surface is glossy plating, smooth to the touch, and the two side nets are sounding speakers.

This massager can play music from your phone when connected to Bluetooth and automatically plays soft music when not connected to Bluetooth

If you're lucky, the sound of birds chirping in the forest can be particularly hypnotic.

The two buttons are on your left hand side and the display shows you the status of the device after switching it on, although you can't see it when you are wearing it.

It doesn't matter, there is an audible alert when it is being operated.

The bottom two sides are air pressure holes, when you use it you will hear a sound similar to the air pressure bar deflating, very mechanical.

The charging port is a C-port, the charging status is red light, full is blue light.

Two, the eye massager is probably the most complicated massager

As I wrote before when I wrote about neck massagers, massagers are now divided into pulse massage and physical massage

Pulse massage is the use of electricity to stimulate muscle contraction and relaxation to simulate the realization of massage, the experience is a little worse, but the size can be made very small

An eye massager that can be recommended for all people

For example, if you use it on your waist and shoulders, which is a large area, it is still acceptable, after all, it is much more portable.

The physical massage experience is much better, after all, it is a real simulation of the massage feeling, there is really a massage head to help you relax your muscles, the disadvantage is naturally not so portable.

The eye massager is actually a level more complex than the waist and neck massages I mentioned before.

Because the eye is divided into two parts, one is the eyeball and the other is the eye socket

The eye is very subtle in terms of physical massage, that is, cold and hot compresses to relax the blood vessels of the lower eye.

The orbits, on the other hand, need to be simulated with a spot massage or a wheel scraping technique.

When it comes to wheel scraping, does it remind you of the eye exercises you did when you were a child at school, wheel scraping the eye orbits?

Eye massagers that can be applied cold

Here are the things that make the SweetNight eye massager a great experience

First of all, it is the eye part, usually eye massagers are hot compresses

We know that hot compresses can improve blood circulation, but in fact the eyes are the most flexible position in the body, and also one of the highest temperature parts of the body

Here is a thermal image of an adult man's face, you can see that the eye temperature is turning red

When exercising, you can see that the eyes are turning white.

Or often people wake up with swollen eyes due to sleep problems, or diet problems.

This situation is actually the best way is to apply cold compresses, and most eye massagers only have hot compresses, and no cold compress function.

In fact, the SweetNight Eye Tech Mask is very simple to apply a cold compress to your eyes, just like a mobile phone cooling clip I have at home.

The heat sink is generally based on the semiconductor cooling principle, and the more primitive products use silicone film for thermal conductivity.

The better cooling back clips use a cooler aluminium part to transfer the low temperature to the phone more quickly.

Because the SweetNight Eye Tech Mask has a smooth coating on the eye area, I have no way of knowing what material is used.

But it is usually a little cool to the touch, so I can tell that it is also made of aluminium, which conducts heat and cold better.

The eye groove is also a retractable one, so it can be adapted to different depths of the eye socket.

Orbital airbag massage

The orbital area is covered by a very large area, close to the temples

I said before that physical massage is more comfortable than pulse massage, and air pressure massage is more suitable for physical eye massage.

Firstly, due to the size of the head, the eye massager is not too big, so there is no room for the three massage heads and one bearing design.

The other is that the strength is not easy to grasp, plus the head bones, the massage position is also more fragile, light is not, heavy is not.

So air pressure massage is a better choice, and the head is a more acupuncture point organ, more point massage, is also more reasonable.

The problem with using air pressure massage is that it has to be smaller, you can't carry an eye massager like a VR.

The SweetNight Eye Tech Mask has solved the problem of size by not only being compact when unfolded, but also portable when folded.

The SweetNight Eye Tech Mask is equipped with 6 airbags that cover all the points around the eyes.

When several airbags work together quickly, the massage effect can even be achieved with a wheel-scratching massage technique.

The SweetNight Eye Tech Mask is the most cost effective but logical solution for both the most important areas of eye and orbital massage.

So that's probably why the experience is better.

An eye massager that can be recommended for all people

The protein skin is easy to care for

This is not as important as I thought it would be, as others use a skin-friendly fabric that is also comfortable to wear.

But when I used it for a few days, I realized that the material that comes in contact with the skin of my face is an important detail.

I don't have a very oily face, but every time I took the massager off, the area where it touched my skin was shiny.

Then it occurred to me that many other eye massagers are made from a fuzzy fabric with a lint finish.

It's hard to imagine how this fabric would be treated after many uses.

If it's made of protein leather, it's very skin-friendly and easy to care for, even if it's sticky and sweaty.

Sixth, the instructions to organize

This kind of massage products in the use of the first to be simple, but after all is a new product, need to learn the cost

I think I've put together a clearer and more understandable one for you

SweetNight Eye Tech Mask has only two buttons, the on/off button and the M button.

After turning on the machine, the key can switch between four modes, which are responsible for the massage of the eye socket + eye part

These are [Dynamic mode], [Warm mode], [Ice mode] and [Auto mode].

Dynamic mode: only the orbital area is massaged

Warm mode: massage of the orbital area and hot compress for the eye

Ice mode: orbital massage + cold compress

Auto mode: orbital massage + hot and cold compresses

Pressing the M button also switches the massage mode for the orbital area

Press the M button to toggle [Dazzling Air Pressure], [Air Pressure Off] and [Smart Air Pressure] in order

The difference between [Dazzling Air Pressure] and [Smart Air Pressure] is that [Smart Air Pressure] is a point-and-click massage experience.

The difference between [smart air pressure] and [smart air pressure] is that [smart air pressure] is a spot massage experience, [dazzling air pressure] is six air pressure massage head quickly switch to simulate the experience of different techniques.

An eye massager that can be recommended for all people


To tell the truth, the first experience so far, I am still very amazing

Before the lumbar massage neck massager is actually for the office crowd more, after all, often sitting posture of the work will make people cervical back problems.

The eye massager I recommend to all people to use, this product is really comfortable to let you fall asleep kind of

If I had to recommend it to a group of people, it would be those who often play with mobile phones and look at monitors.

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