Anatomy of the Rings - Xin Chuang Yi

Anatomy of the Rings - Xin Chuang Yi
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20 October 2022

When it comes to selecting jewelry today, there is a clear trend toward "uniqueness." Customers today are daring and unafraid to experiment with metals, stones, and shapes, and they desire a custom approach for all the components of their jewelry. To motivate our clients to create designs that are representative of their unique personalities, we will review various cornerstone ring settings.


Anatomy of the Rings - Xin Chuang Yi


There are numerous techniques to attach gemstones to jewelry items, including bead, pave, bezel, flush, gypsy, channel, prong, invisible, and other settings.


The fundamental goal of a setting is to emphasize the beauty of stones by naturally incorporating them into the design while taking into account a stone's kind, size, shape, and cut. The mineral's form and cut decide how it reflects light, or how dazzling it will appear, and what kind of setting will be most suited to hold it securely.


Setting Beads

Rows of small diamonds, which were popular in the late 1800s, are becoming more popular once more as a result of two factors: first, the dominance of white gold and platinum in the modern market, which is ideal for pairing with small diamonds; and second, CAD technologies, which make mounting the gems much less labor- and time-intensive.


Anatomy of the Rings - Xin Chuang Yi


Setting Pavers

Essentially, this is a bead set that fills the entire field. The diamond-encrusted ring's surface has a very fashionable appearance.


Bezel Placement

The first jeweler in recorded history, who built the Ark of the Covenant, is mentioned in the name. Metal rims are wrapped around cabochons and faceted stones, either completely or partially. People who lead active lifestyles might consider a bezel setting since it secures a gemstone.


Anatomy of the Rings - Xin Chuang Yi


Gypsy or Flush Setting

While the stones are still completely covered, unlike in a bezel setting, they are now flush with the metal's surface, giving the ring a touch of subtle beauty.



The classic illustration of a mount with one row of stones and two walls around it is Channel. This design is quite alluring and gives an object a crisp, modern appearance. 

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