Angela Victoria Johnson Facts: Learn Everything About Her

Angela Victoria Johnson Facts: Learn Everything About Her

Angela Victoria Johnson is a well-known American-African nurse. She used to date Kyle Chrisley, the son of T.V. star Todd Chrisley.

Todd is also a producer, performer, and real estate agent in the United States. Victoria got a lot of attention when she and Kyle's daughter, reality T.V. star Chloe Chrisley, was born.

Personal Details About Angela Victoria Johnson

Angela Victoria Johnson came into the world on September 26, 1968, in South Carolina, which is in the United States of America. In 2022, she will only be 53 years old; in May, she will turn 54. Even though she is old, Angela Victoria Johnson is still beautiful and sweet. A lot of men in the business world respect and like her.

Angela is a hardworking mom who has given up everything to help her kids get ahead in the fields they love. Kyle Chrisley used to go out with a nurse named Angela Victoria Johnson. But she doesn't spend much time on news sites or social media.

Miss Angela Victoria Johnson Total Value

Angela is expected to have a net worth of between $1 million and $1.5 million by 2022.


Most of her money comes from her job as a nurse. Her husband's income has also helped her contribute financially to the family.

Kyle, her husband, is worth about $3 million and has helped her fight for parental rights. Kyle and his wife, on the other hand, live in a sizeable 3,000-square-foot house in Georgia.

Angela's home is still in Iva, SC.

Success in Angela Victoria Johnson's Profession

Angela Victoria Johnson began a successful career when she was still a child. She is a nurse who has made a name for herself by helping people all over the country who are sick or hurt. On the other hand, Angela keeps her life outside work very quiet.

Angela Victoria Johnson hasn't talked much about her work life in public, so not much is known about it. Only Chloe Chrisley's life and the controversy surrounding her are more interesting than her kids. Angela, her ex-husband Kyle Chrisley, and their 9-year-old daughter Chloe have been the focus of much drama and attention lately.

Angela Victoria Johnson's parents are well-known so she may talk about her work and life at some point. She might post about it on social media or a news website.

Online Username for Angela Victoria Johnson

Angela Victoria Johnson is one of the most well-known moms in the world, but she doesn't have any social media accounts that are still active. She just hasn't told anyone about her daily life or private life. For now, she has more important things to worry about in her personal and professional life.

But Kyle, her ex-husband, is free and very good with social media. When this article was written, his Instagram account, @kyle.chrisley, had more than 96.3k followers and at least 53 posts. His current wife is mentioned in his bio on his social media accounts.

In the same way, Angela's ex-husband does not know anything new about her.

The Scandal and Imprisonment of Angela Victoria Johnson

Angela Victoria Johnson was found guilty of making a false Medicaid claim and was sent to prison. In 2016, Angela was taken into police custody in Anderson County, South Carolina.

In the meantime, in May of this year, her ex-boyfriend Kyle was arrested for having meth. People say that there was a bag of methamphetamine in his car. The lawsuit suddenly dropped, and we haven't heard anything new about it.

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