Antimicrobial Coatings: The Most Pioneering Solutions to Control the Growth and Spread of Microbes

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The peak of the pandemic is well past, but it is still continuing to disturb lives, across the globe. The number of cases though decreasing is still mounting with more than a few nations at the doorstep of the ‘second wave of the virus. The transmission of this virus occurs, when you come in direct contact with people who are indirect contact with polluted surfaces.

Studies specify that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 remains stable for more than a few hours to days in vaporizers and on surfaces. Though, the existence of the virus is dependent on more than a few factors such as the viral strain, temperature situations, type of surface, etc.

Consequently, it is critical to find a solution that can deter the survival of the virus on exteriors. Scientists are trying to find a solution that can prevent the spread of the coronavirus through surfaces. Numerous research establishments have clubbed together with several paints and chemical industries for developing antimicrobial antiviral solutions that would counterbalance the microbes that are present on numerous surfaces.

The usefulness of antimicrobial surface coverings

Antimicrobial surface coatings are advertised to be effective to counter both bacteria and viruses. These kinds of coatings when coated on walls, handles of the door, glass panels, AC outlets, etc, hinder microbial adhesion and following biofilm expansion, therefore plummeting the risk of ecological infections.

Discussing the Current Scenario

At present, research is ongoing for developing anti-microbial coatings that can remain equally effective for bacteria and viruses. An industry based in Israel is developing anti-coronavirus surface coatings having nanoparticles of harmless metal ions and polymers like copper that can be coated on the surface which can expose the Covid particles that stick on it.

Health technology organizations are already manufacturing antimicrobial coatings that provide defense against microbial adulteration to a considerable extent.

What are the future prospects for antimicrobial coatings?

The pandemic has led to a surge in the demand for antimicrobial coatings. Many temporary hospitals and COVID care centers are set up in numerous nations for the treatment of the increasing count of COVID-19 cases. Antimicrobial paints and coatings are used in these centers to eradicate transferrable bacteria and viruses from trails, beds, door handles, and medical instruments surfaces.

Even when the world is over the pandemic, the demand for antimicrobial coatings will continue to increase as the new normal will see rising demand for nonviolent environments along with, more individuals following disease-free techniques to control any further microbial outburst. The demand for antimicrobial coating is on the rise throughout the world. For decreasing the chances of catching hospital acquired infections, when one is admitted to the hospital for the treatment of some other ailment.

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