Application of remote wireless communication in construction

Application of remote wireless communication in construction

The past 20 years have been 20 years of rapid development in the real estate industry. From the early 7-story small building to the current 100-meter high-rise building, if you want to ask what has contributed the most, it must be the tower crane.

Ten thousand high-rise buildings rise from the ground, relying on the powerful vertical transportation capacity of tower cranes to transport every sand and stone to the high-rise buildings.However, while the tower crane is efficient, it also brings great risks.

Tower cranes are heavy-duty equipment and are operating at high altitude, so there is a high chance of accidents.According to the investigation, safety accidents caused by illegal operation and overloading of tower cranes accounted for 30% of the overall safety accidents on the construction site, which brought great risks to people.

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, it is very possible to have a system for remote visual monitoring of the status of equipment. The status of large-scale equipment such as tower cranes should be monitored in real time to avoid accidents.

The scheme uses sensor technology to determine whether the tower crane has a position offset by measuring the displacement of the top of the tower crane; by measuring the wind speed, it is set to stop working when the wind speed exceeds a certain extent; by measuring the tension value of the cable, it is determined whether the cable is safe and whether the weight of the equipment exceeds the rated load.

The solution uses radio transmission technology. The traditional cable connecting the sensor is a cable. The construction on the tower crane is difficult and the maintenance is very troublesome. The interference problem during long-distance transmission is also known as a major problem. Through radio transmission technology, data is transmitted through wireless data, and wireless transmission can be achieved without wiring in the middle.At the same time, through long-distance mobile communication technologies such as 4G or Ethernet, it can also enable site safety personnel, tower crane leasing companies, construction units and other safety supervision departments to realize remote monitoring functions without having to go to the site.

The scheme uses automation technology to automate operation through programming and sets a threshold value. When the threshold value is not exceeded, the equipment can work normally. When the threshold value is exceeded, the equipment will automatically shut down and report directly to the operator at the same time.

System block diagram

Application of remote wireless communication in construction

Program advantages
1.Reminders can be made for driver violations to improve safety awareness.
2.For the supervision unit, remote monitoring can be achieved without going to the site.
3.For tower crane owners, check the operating status of the equipment in real time, carry out timely maintenance, and extend the service life.
4.For regulatory departments, remotely supervise the status to eliminate security risks.

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