Appreciating Nature: by Christian Hayes Danvers

Appreciating Nature: by Christian Hayes Danvers
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12 October 2022

The Importance of Being in the Wild by Christian Hayes Danvers

Incredible in its own right, nature never ceases to awe and amaze all of us. It's the bedrock of our entire society, economy, and way of life. Everything we eat, everything we breathe, and everything we use to water our crops come from our woods, rivers, oceans, and soils. They also provide many necessities to our daily lives that contribute to our well-being, contentment, and wealth.


Many people refer to these resources as the "natural capital" of the earth. All sectors of the economy, from agriculture and forestry to the service industry, benefit significantly from these features. When added up, the entire worth of these advantages is staggering, amounting to at least US$125 trillion annually.


Despite their value, we frequently overuse natural resources because of their low cost to us as humans. Without thinking about the consequences, we destroy forests, overfish oceans, pollute rivers, and pave over wetlands. We incur enormous social and economic expenses because we ignore the advantages provided by nature.

To fully comprehend the effects of our decisions, Christian Hayes Danvers, the owner, and manager of Bella Salon, believes that we must consider the economic and social value of the natural world. You can consider long-term advantages to people, the economy, and the environment instead of short-term financial gains.


What Role Does Nature Play in How We Feel and How We Live by Christian Hayes Danvers?

According to recent studies, the places we spend our time in can either add to or alleviate the stress in our lives, which has physiological consequences. The sights, sounds, and sensations that bombard your senses at any one time can alter your emotional state and your hormonal and immune system responses.


Anxiety, sadness, and helplessness are among the emotions that might result from being in a stressful situation. This will increase your heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension while dampening your immune system's response. However, things change for good when the surrounding atmosphere is pleasant. Also, people of all ages and backgrounds find beauty in the natural world; even Christian Hayes Danvers is a nature lover.


  • It's in Nature's Healing to Do So.

Experiencing nature, or watching nature videos, might help you feel better emotionally. Spending time in nature elevates your mood and helps your body in other ways, like lowering your blood pressure, heart rate, muscular tension, and the generation of stress chemicals. Research in hospitals, offices, and schools has shown that even a single plant in a room can significantly impact stress and anxiety and may even reduce mortality.


  • Relaxing in nature

Nature also aids in the process of healing from physical and emotional wounds. We are hardwired to find sceneries of nature fascinating, and this makes it easy for us to forget about our aches and pains when we encounter them.


  • The power of nature to restore

The influence of the natural world on human health and happiness is one of the fascinating topics of study today. Depression, tension, and anxiety are all alleviated, and a sense of serenity and equilibrium is restored when one spends time in nature or views scenes of nature, all of which are linked to pleasant moods and psychological welfare, meaningfulness, and vitality.


Spending time outdoors, or simply watching images of nature, improves focus and concentration. Humans have an innate fascination with the natural world, allowing us to give our full attention to our surroundings while we're out. Furthermore, this serves as a mental break, preparing us for the next challenge.


  • Nature binds by Christian Hayes Danvers.

Spending time outdoors helps us feel connected to one another and the wider world. People who live in public housing surrounded by trees and greenery are more likely to know each other, feel more connected to their neighbors, care more about helping and supporting one another, and feel like a part of the surroundings. In addition to having a stronger feeling of community, they also had a lower risk of crime, lower levels of domestic violence and aggressiveness, and a better ability to handle the rigors of daily life, including the strains of poverty.


When people view natural settings, the areas of their brains connected with empathy and love are sure to light up. Still, when they view urban scenes, the parts of the brain associated with dread and anxiety are more likely to be engaged, which may help to explain this sensation of connection. Nature seems to stimulate emotions that bind us to one another and our surroundings.


  • Being Outside in Nature Relieves Stress and Increases Meaning.

Numerous studies have shown that being in nature positively affects people's mental health. Studies show that being in nature makes people happier. Just being outdoors might help lift your mood.

We are not designed to spend our entire lives behind four walls. It's simple to lose your individuality in settings like these. But when we go outside, we're reminded that everything living is interconnected. Walking in the woods can help lift your spirits if you feel down or overwhelmed.


Pure nature is a place where calm and wildness can coexist without conflict. We get a mixed bag of emotions from our visits there. Maybe that's the case because nature is where everything starts and finishes. When things else around us seem to be falling apart, we can take comfort in the knowledge that life somehow manages to persevere in the wild.

After some time in the woods, we feel refreshed and equipped to understand that this moment is more precious than anything that has ever happened or will ever happen.


  • Our Muscles and Immune Systems Benefit From Regular Walks in Nature.

Spending time in nature has some positive effects on our bodies and minds. Plant compounds called phytoncides (essential wood oils) have been shown to boost the immune systems of humans exposed to them.


Phytoncides are chemicals released by plants to prevent pests and decay. The immune system relies on natural killer cells, which seek out and destroy contaminated or malignant tissue. Therefore, taking a stroll in the great outdoors may save your life.

Furthermore, hiking is among the healthiest things you can do. You can shed up to 400 calories in just 60 minutes of hiking. As a bonus, it's much less taxing on our joints than running. As a result, hiking can aid in warding off heart disease, the leading cause of mortality in the United States. It helps with weight loss and core strength.


It should go without saying that many of the world's most breathtaking vistas may be seen along hiking trails. So, Christian Hayes Danvers believes that going outside into nature is worthwhile for more than only the health advantages, both mental and physical.


Christian Hayes Danvers Said People Whom Value Nature Have a Higher Standard of Living, Greater Creativity, and a Longer Lifespan.

Nothing beats being alone in the woods, far from any sign of civilization. It brings about an indescribable calmness of awareness. Only the noises of the forest's inhabitants and your own feet will break the silence. The unfortunate truth is that few of us enjoy moments like this. People of all ages, especially Millennial, gravitate toward urban areas and away from the outdoors. Yes, among these urban sprawls, you'll find some lovely parks, but a stroll through them, Christian Hayes Danvers admits, can't be compared to a hike through the woods. We'd indeed all be better off if we made more of an effort to escape the city and enjoy nature.


Proof abounds that those who value nature and make an effort to spend time there report higher levels of happiness, health, and creativity.

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