Are Dreams a Reality?

Are Dreams a Reality?
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24 November 2023

Since the beginning of time, the realm of dreams and sleep has been associated with omens or symbols, unconscious fear, and impulses. Sleep researchers believe these might result from inner turmoil, hidden desires, and fears individuals experience daily.

Dreams allow a brain to work through its conscious experiences. During dreams, the brain uses the same neurological machinery used during the day to examine the experiences, past, future, and other aspects of an individual’s inner world during night hours. Memory is the manifestation of an individual’s unconscious state of mind.

But the real question persists; are dreams a reality?

Multiple legends have surrounded the origin and nature of dreams throughout history. Ancient Romans and Greeks believed that dreams were a message from the Gods. On the other hand, the Chinese presumed that dreams were a means for our dead ancestors to communicate, and most Native Americans thought dreams were glimpses of a different world that none of us had visited.

So, are dreams actually real, happening far away in a parallel universe? Or are they glimpses of events taking place in an alternate reality?

Historians have agreed that dreams manifest our reality and are an amalgamation of our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. But what lies beneath it?

Ages ago, mystics believed dreams were reenactments of what happens in a parallel universe –since this universe is also home to spirits and ghosts. However, scientists dismissed this theory, but they believe there might be a multiverse – this hasn’t been proven yet, but the possibility cannot be denied.

The Multiverse

Scientists assume that not only do parallel worlds exist, but a copy of all of us do too. Someone who is like you in some aspects and this individual’s life (human or not) is identical to ours. But, since the timelines are different, our worlds never coincide, mentally or physically. Let’s shed some light on this. Often, people dream of a place they have never been to, but what if we tell you that those places exist and are currently being visited by other beings who are identical to you but are NOT YOU?

Elaborating in the same context, many people “see” things or events that are about to happen. And “déjà vu” is something we’re all familiar with – feeling you have been in a particular situation before with the same set of people. We often brush off this feeling, considering them mere coincidences. But, there could be a much deeper meaning to it, that our copy in a parallel universe might have experienced this situation, and you simply “felt” it and think it has happened before when you encounter a similar situation.

Who knows what messages these dreams are trying to convey? Science has evolved drastically, but the reality of dreams, their randomness, their occurrence, and the reason behind it all still remain a mystery.

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