Are instant noodles healthy, and how do you make them a healthier option?

Are instant noodles healthy, and how do you make them a healthier option?
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Are instant noodles healthy? Despite their iron, B vitamins, and manganese content, instant noodles are low in fiber, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals. High sodium, MSG, and TBHQ can increase the risk of heart disease, stomach cancer, and metabolic syndrome. However, there are ways to make instant noodles healthier by adding creative and delicious add-ons. Here are the best ways to healthify instant noodles so you can enjoy your favorite snack while also meeting all of your daily nutritional requirements:

  • Adding more textures.

Most instant noodles come with toppings and flavor sachets already included in the packet, providing a great flavor boost. If you want to add more flavor to your noodles in addition to the flavor sachets, experiment with different textures for intrigue. Because the noodles are silky and smooth, consider adding crunchy or crispy textures to the top. Braised pork belly or pork crackle, Thai-style crispy rice noodles, cashew nuts, or even honey-glazed raw julienned carrots are examples. You could also add a boiled egg and broth to your instant noodles to make a delicious meal.

  • Including food pyramid components

Instant noodles are a blank canvas for a wide range of healthy foods, but they’re tasty. If you want to healthify your instant noodles, the best way to do so is to incorporate ingredients from multiple portions of the healthy food pyramid. Try to incorporate something from each level of the pyramid. Increase your protein intake by adding a sliced boiled egg or a can of tuna to your noodles, for example. Sprinkle sesame seeds, grated cheese, or even beans and lentils over your noodles to get your daily dose of calcium. Tofu is another great noodle addition that contains protein, magnesium, copper, zinc, and vitamin B1.

  • Including a Fiber Topping

Instant noodles are typically low in fiber, so try to incorporate more fiber into your daily noodles, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Fiber is beneficial to our bodies in a variety of ways, particularly our digestive system. Fiber maintains the health of your gut bacteria, which reduces bloating and constipation while also promoting fat loss by keeping you feeling fuller for longer. You can add fiber to your instant noodles by eating high-fiber foods or choosing a wholegrain noodle option.

  • Looking for the Healthier Choice Symbol

Check the packaging panel of your next snack to see if the instant noodles have a Healthier Choice symbol. The Healthier Choice symbol in the product from the Instant Noodles Manufacturers indicates lower levels of sodium, saturated fat, and sugar. 

  • Adding Rainbow Foods

To increase your vitamin and vegetable intake, consider adding colorful vegetables to instant noodles. Like a variety of jelly fruit cups, eating instant noodles in a ‘rainbow’ bowl is ideal, with vegetables representing each color of the rainbow. Iron-rich greens like spinach or kale are high in phytochemicals and have anti-cancer properties, while red cherry tomatoes and red capsicum are antioxidant-rich. Purple vegetables like eggplant and red cabbage contain anthocyanin, which protects cells, lowers cancer risk, and improves heart and lung health. Choose vegetables representing each color of the rainbow to create a nutritious and colorful meal.

  • Chopping or spiralizing vegetables.

Noodle sauces often contain added sugars and are high in sodium. To make instant noodles healthier, add sweet vegetables like sliced snow peas, thinly sliced cabbage, and spiralized zucchini or butternut squash. If you have a sauce or paste, substitute fresh herbs and spices like sesame oil, ginger, garlic, shrimp paste, chopped chilli, coriander, mint, and basil for added freshness and sweetness. A squeeze of lime on top can make the sauce less appealing and make you never reach for a bottle of fish sauce again.

  • Using steamed vegetables

Steaming vegetables like bok choy, broccoli, asparagus, carrots, and artichokes instead of stir-frying them preserves their nutrient content, color, and flavor. This makes instant noodles a more flavorful and nutritious meal. Favorite vegetables to serve with noodles include these sturdier and more delicious options, making them ideal for noodle dishes. Steaming vegetables helps maintain their color and flavor, making them a perfect match for instant noodles.

  • Opt for baked options.

Fried noodles typically have more fat than non-fried noodles, with approximately 20g of fat per serving. Low-fat noodles, on the other hand, are 100% steamed and baked rather than fried, so they have less fat and a springier texture, making them delicious and guilt-free.


While instant noodles are not the healthiest option, using these tips can help make them a more balanced and nutritious option. After all, moderation and variety, as with any food like potato chips or fruit jelly snacks, are essential for a well-rounded and healthy diet.

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