Are Sun Chip Bags Still Biodegradable?

Are Sun Chip Bags Still Biodegradable?
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Are sun chip bags still biodegradable? A lot of people are wondering this question, because the answer depends on whether you buy them prepackaged in plastic or in compostable paper. This is due to the chemical differences in both types of packaging. For instance, plastic bags tend to be more biodegradable, but they can cause problems if you are planning on composting them. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative, you may want to consider buying organic, unbleached or recycled paper bags.

What Ever Happened to Sun Chips® Compostable Bags? How consumer opinions changed the LOUD design.



One of the coolest advances in the snack bag world was the compostable chip bag. It took nearly four years to research and develop this revolutionary packaging. The biodegradable bags claimed to biodegrade in 14 weeks. But it didn't last long on North American store shelves. And it wasn't even the most environmentally friendly reusable bag around.

Earlier this year, Frito Lay rolled out a more modest version of its eco-crisp bag. This eco-friendly package is made from 90% renewable plant-based materials. However, it still won't break down in a backyard compost pile.

Luckily, Frito-Lay is still in the game and is working on a solution. They're trying to make the Sun Chips bags more whisper quiet.

To test the claim, they started a three month pilot program in which they tested a variety of materials to find the right balance. They found that it is possible to make a "smart" bag that is just as effective at reducing waste as its predecessor.

How to: Assemble your Chip Bag - YouTube



Sun Chips is a brand of multigrain snacks produced by FritoLay. The company has been known for its eco-friendly initiatives. One of those initiatives was to make its bags biodegradable.

In April 2009, Frito-Lay introduced a new biodegradable chip bag. This bag was designed to be compostable and decompose in about 14 weeks in a hot compost bin. However, the bags were too noisy and the company stopped selling the bags.

SunChips' decision to discontinue the compostable bags was criticized by consumers. Many of them cited that the noise was too loud. They said that the bag was as loud as a freight train. According to the Air Force pilot, the bag was about five decibels higher than the threshold for hearing loss.

Chemical differences from other plastics

If you have ever wondered what makes plastics unique and if there is a difference between SunChips Compost Bag and other types, you're not alone. Plastics are made from chains of carbon atoms and are typically classified based on their chemical structure, chemical processes and resistance to certain substances.

The best known type of plastic is polyethylene. This is a crystalline, semi-crystalline or amorphous polymer that is used for packaging and toys. It is also used for a variety of industrial purposes.

Another important group of plastics is polyester. Polyester has uses in clothing, shatterproof bottles and high-strength ropes. Polypropylene is also a type of plastic that has many uses, including food packaging and laboratory equipment.

There are several other polymers with varying properties. These include ethylene glycol, lactic acid and caprolactone. Some of these are biodegradable, while others are not.

Side effects

The Sun Chips company has been in the snack food business for over 30 years. Their wavy square shape and intriguing flavors have captivated the taste buds of many consumers. They are known for their crunchy texture and heart-healthy status. However, there are concerns about the ingredients.

Some people worry about the genetically modified corn in the product. However, there are plenty of non-GMO crops.

There are also some concerns about the glyphosate that is used on the corn. This herbicide has been linked to a number of harmful effects, including cancer.

There are also some concerns about the presence of trans fats. Trans fats can cause health problems such as increased risk of infertility in women. It also increases the risk of stroke.

Frito-Lay's national composting awareness program

If you're a snack food aficionado and have a green thumb, you've probably already heard about the aforementioned bag. But if you haven't, don't worry, your chip-loving neighbor isn't the only one. In fact, Frito-Lay is bringing the aforementioned wonder to the US. It's made in Arkansas, but a few lucky states have a curbside pickup service, albeit on a limited scale. Fortunately, the company is putting in the effort to make the world a more environmentally conscious place. The company is working with several eco-conscious organizations, including Al Gore's Current TV, Earth 911, and the US Composting Council to name a few. As a result, Frito-Lay is taking the lead in the compostable chip bag game. And the company isn't shy about promoting its eco-friendly initiatives.

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