Arielcamacho A Mexican Famous Singer Death In 22Year

 Arielcamacho A Mexican Famous Singer Death In 22Year
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 Arielcamacho (July 8, 1992 - February 25, 2015)was a Mexican singer-songwriter who performed in the Sierreno and the Regional Mexican music genre.

He was the singer-lead of the group" Ariel Camacho and Los Plebes del Rancho". In 2013 Ariel Camacho , Los Plebes del Rancho signed to JG Records. Then in 2014, they signed to DEL Records. Camacho, already popular in his home state of Sinaloa and parts of the U.S. as a singer of the “grupera” genre, died early Wednesday in Sinaloa, Los Angeles-based DEL Records said in a statement. The studio said he was 22, although local media reported his age as 23.

Life And Success

Ariel Camacho was born to Benito Camacho and Reynalda Barza on July 8, 1992, in Guamuchil, Sinaloa He started singing at the age of 12 in Angostura, Sinaloa.

While still in high school, he made friends with Cesar Ivan Sanchez, who played guitar, and also did backup vocals. Camacho was later looking to expand his group and eventually found the tuba player Omar Burgos.

The first of his concerts were in Tijuana, where the audience was more than 40,000 spectators. He soon became famous for his unique way of playing the Requinto (12 strings guitar).

He was dubbed "La Tuyia" due to the nickname handed to his grandfather by his father because his guitar was more extensive than his. He decided to start a band at the beginning of 2013.

The band he was in, "Ariel Camacho and Los Plebes Del Rancho," comprised "El Tigre," Cesar Sanchez (rhythm guitar and backing vocals), and Omar Burgos, "El Cenizo" (tuba).

Arielcamacho is the main vocalist and also plays the lead guitar (Requinto) in the group. The group quickly gained recognition for their unique combination of traditional guitar, Requinto, and tuba.

Some of their most popular songs included "Hablemos," "Te Metiste," "El Karma," and "Rey de Corazones." The group was later dubbed "El Rey de Corazones" after the release of "Rey Corazones," which quickly gained the group's attention on social media.

Camacho earned praises for keeping an element of classical in his region's music, paying particular attention to the songwriters who preceded him, like Miguel and Miguel (Camacho's preferred artist).

Camacho was also frequently collaborating with corrido singers from other groups like Grupo Fernandez Marca Registrada, Los Traviesos De La Sierra, and Regulo Caro.  Also See: Lina morgana

Arielcamacho Death

In February 2015, Camacho and four other persons were killed in a collision near Angostura, Sinaloa. Camacho returned from a concert at a music festival called Carnaval de Mocorito.

Arielcamacho, as well as two others, were killed as well as two other persons were injured. They were in the four-wheeler 2004 Honda Accord when Camacho lost control.

The crash happened around two am on Angosturabetween La Reforma and Angostura. La Reforma. Camacho passed away during the collision.

It's not clear if Camacho was drunk while driving; however, it was reported that he was speeding at a high rate. He posted a video to his Facebook page one day before his death, inviting his followers and "all the gorgeous ladies who are out there" to come to his next concert in March 2015. He passed away in the year 22.


Following his passing, His group's track "El Karma" made it to the top spot at the top of the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart in March.

The album reached the TOP FIVE in the Latin albums chart.Shortly after his passing, the band "Los Plebes Del Rancho" changed their name from an ode to Camacho to "Los Plebes del Rancho" in honor of Ariel Camacho.

"They continue to release albums dedicated to Camacho, such as "Recuerden Mi Estilo" along with Camacho's father, Benito Camacho. Numerous have paid tribute to Camacho with the help of songs like Virlan Garcia's "Hasta the Cielo," Los Traviezoz de La Zierra's "Mis Ultimos Momentos," and "Un Mentado Ariel."

An album dedicated to Camacho also came out in 2017 titled "Ariel Camacho Para Silencia," which features artists like Gerardo Ortiz Regulo Caro and Revolver Cannabis. Every year on February 25, to remember Camacho and his band, his family members, his fans, and other artists gather altogether to pay tribute to his life.

Ariel is now referred to by several in the form of "El Rey del Requinto," "El Matador," "Rey de Corazones," and "La Tuyia."

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