Army Body Fat Calculator: How To Determine Maximum Body Fat Percentage?

Army Body Fat Calculator: How To Determine Maximum Body Fat Percentage?
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All’s Army body fat calculator is known to be the U.S. standard estimation for your fitness to get selection in the armed forces under some definite allowed fat percentage. The body fat percentage of each must fulfil a range of set limits prescribed by the authorities in certain age groups. 

Your gender plays a significant role in estimating female and male body fat, as women carry more fat than men. You can measure fat in five categories: height, age, neck, hip and waist. 

How Can I Calculate body fat percentage for Army? 

As per the U.S. Army regulation, you can use a tape measure, which has to be a non-stretchable item. Consider all the required measurements needed in estimating the body fat percentage. You can either use imperial units or metric system units to find the right measurement in the correct form. There is a precise equation for both men and women. 

If you’re a man, you can use the following: 

Body fat percentage = (86.010* log 10(waist – neck circumference))- (70.041* log 10(Height))+36.76

In contrast, you can use the below formula if you’re a woman. 

Body fat percentage = (163.205* log 10(waist circumference + hip – neck circumference)) – (97.684* log 10 (your height)) – 78.387 

In addition, you can use online All’s Army body fat calculator to easily calculate the body fat in a fraction of a minute. It can be used if you need a final percentage. What’s more, it is helpful for lengthy calculations and estimations to give you a brief idea in the health brackets of where you stand. 

What should be the highest body fat percentage in the Army body fat calculator? 

Based on the Standard of Health Fitness, you can estimate the body fat with the person's physical size. It would be best if you stood straight with arms that must be positioned by both ends of the body. It would be best to give waist and neck measurements for an accurate body fat percentage. 

To cope with the demands of a soldier’s lifetime, you need to have the right and correct fat percentage in All’s Army body fat calculator. This is the core medical necessity to enter and stay in the U.S. Army. As per the latest records, the highest body fat percentage to join the Army is as follows:

  • Under (the 17-27) age group, it should be 26% in men and 32% in women. 
  • Under (the 28-39) age group, it should be 28% in men and 34% in women. 
  • Over 40 years of age group should be 30% in men and 36% in women. 

What are the guidelines for accurate results using an Army Body Fat calculator? 

All’s Army body fat calculator is called the Army tape test calculator or an Army BMI calculator. This user-friendly tool can determine the correct body fat percentage after measurements. It aids the aspirants in getting the idea of whether they meet the required eligibility for army officers. A few guidelines are listed below:

  • While taking measurements, you need to be in an ideal position to stand straight with your arms that rest on both ends. 
  • To take the neck’s measurements correctly, you need to assess them right below the larynx of your neck. 
  • Get the correct waist measurement at the nearest point of your belly button resting in your body. 
  • If required, take the correct hip circumference at the widest point of your joint instead of the narrowest one. 

To conclude, All’s Army body fat calculator is one of the unparalleled tools that help you get a correct estimation in just a minute. All you need to do is enter the right measurement in the required fields. So, check your body fat percentage now and shed extra kilos.

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