Artificial Green Wall: A Quick Start Guide

Artificial Green Wall: A Quick Start Guide
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28 December 2023

Green walls have become a burgeoning trend in home decor design and construction, lauded for their transformative impact on a space without necessitating structural changes. Opting for a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution, many turn to artificial green walls. To assist you in making an informed decision, we've gathered key frequently asked questions about artificial green walls.

Can you distinguish between artificial green wall and real ones?

A common inquiry from customers involves discerning between real and artificial greenery, and the response can differ. For those well-versed in horticulture, distinctions are often evident. However, to the casual observer, artificial green walls frequently present as virtually identical to their living counterparts. Recent advancements in artificial plant technology prioritize texture and finishes with great precision. Opting for one of our premium green panels, the subtle distinction may only become apparent through tactile interaction with the wall.

Artificial Green Wall: A Quick Start Guide

Is fake green wall setup more economical than real ones?

Yes, fake green walls are indeed more cost-effective compared to real ones. The initial setup costs for living walls are nearly double of artificial ones, primarily due to the need for consistent watering and appropriate lighting. Living plant walls necessitate expensive irrigation systems and UV lighting to sustain the plants. Besides, ongoing expenses include water and electricity bills, as well as potential maintenance costs for professional assistance. In contrast, artificial green wall requires minimal ongoing maintenance and can be installed quickly, making them a highly economical and efficient choice.

Is fake green wall tested for harmful substances?

Quality materials are essential for safe and reliable green wall products. Inferior resources may pose lasting health risks. Therefore, it's vital to select items made from ingredients meeting or surpassing industry standards. Rest assured with our commitment to excellence. We provide only top-tier artificial green wall, rigorously tested by an independent lab for REACH, RoHS, and PAHs compliance. Our raw materials are certified safe for both residential and commercial use.

Artificial Green Wall: A Quick Start Guide

What is the warranty period for artificial green wall?

A longer warranty period often indicates a higher-quality product. Some warranties may lack clarity and may not offer adequate consumer protection, so it's crucial to verify with your supplier. Look for a warranty that includes UV stability, particularly for outdoor faux green panels exposed to varying weather conditions.

As a leading artificial plant factory in China, EdenVert is dedicated to delivering durable artificial plants worldwide. With over a decade of product development and manufacturing expertise, our artificial plants meet the highest laboratory testing standards. We proudly offer a 5-year warranty for outdoor use and an 8-year warranty for indoor use. Our commitment to excellent customer service and prioritizing product quality sets us apart. Reach out to us today at to discover our exquisite products and harness their stunning aesthetics to elevate your business to new heights.

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