Avengers film reviews: Reasons why Avengers, Age of Ultron disappointed the fans

Avengers film reviews: Reasons why Avengers, Age of Ultron disappointed the fans
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Avengers film reviews 

Incorrect information is scattered throughout Avengers: Age of Ultron. If you’re a genuine Avengers fan, and looking for Avengers film reviews you’ve surely spotted the many mistakes that have been pointed out in prior answers to this topic, which I will now add to.

Some cringe mistakes no Avengers fan can ignore

This blooper occurs quite close to the film’s last scene. Do you recall the time when Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America were joking about about who could lift Mjolnir and Thor casually mentioned the existence of the Infinity Stones?

In any case, just as he is going to abandon them and return to Asgard, Thor immediately unlocks the Bifrost. That can’t be true, right? When did Thor start using Mjolnir to open the Bifrost without even invoking Heimdall’s name? Isn’t that a break in continuity? Thor had to yell Heimdall’s name in the first two Thor movies and again in Thor: Ragnarok in order to unlock the portal to the rainbow bridge. Thor is unable to open the Bifrost on his own. (Before he had Stormbreaker, of course.)

How then can Thor open the Bifrost with a single swing of his hammer? Heimdall wasn’t simply standing around doing nothing as Thor arrived. In addition, Thor has never been able to open the Bifrost on his own in any of the earlier films. Then why is this happening in the Age of Ultron?
I’m quite sure that Thor trying to call up the Bifrost on his own is a mistake, although I may be wrong and there could be some explanation for this in Marvel Comics (like black energy or something). Why Thor didn’t simply have Heimdall say “open the Bifrost” in an additional line of speech in Age of Ultron is beyond me.

Some factual mistakes

Age of Ultron, however, is notorious for its numerous narrative holes and continuity problems, like as its complete contempt for the conclusion of Iron Man 3, its sort of glossing over what occurred in Winter Soldier, etc. After Hawkeye’s motivational speech, Scarlet Witch joins the battle, and to her right, a few steps away, is a payphone booth. The double doors are seen in the background of her battle scenes. The next time we see her, after Hawkeye nods at her, she is standing in front of the phone booth.

And as Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch make their way to the phone booth to depart, she is not in sight. I mean, how could I possibly forget when Banner goes mad in Johannesburg, South Africa, after being transformed into the Hulk by the Scarlet Witch. A shipyard along the coast was where they were just a few minutes ago. The nearest ocean to Johannesburg is a significant distance away.
Please correct me if I’m mistaken, or enlighten me if you know how Thor called down the Bifrost all by himself.

It’s not that I did not like anything about it

This was the first of the Avengers films to have the whole team operating as a well-oiled machine for the duration of the film, and seeing their full potential as a unit was a tremendous delight.

I don’t claim to be an expert on the Marvel or writing Avengers film reviews (I’ve never read a single Marvel comic), so everything I say here is based on what I’ve seen in the movies and what I’ve gleaned from reading fan theories online.

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