Baby Photography: What To Consider When Hiring A Newborn Photographer

Baby Photography: What To Consider When Hiring A Newborn Photographer
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Newborn and baby sessions have become very fashionable for a few years now. It is a session that is our favorite because it is a stage in your child's life that lasts very little; it doesn't even last a month!!! And your baby has specific unique physical characteristics at this stage, such as the shape of his nose, chubby feet, hands, the hairs on his back, the little skin on his hands and feet, etc. The best thing you can do is remember everything in photos because everything will disappear in the blink of an eye.

With this mode of baby photography, many photographers who offer this service also emerged. It is excellent that there are options to choose from so you, as a client, can compare and select the one that best meets your expectations. Still, sadly when family photography in Toronto became so popular, many photographers realized that it was a good business and that they could earn money with this. Since it looks easy, anyone can do it without having to prepare. 

What they need to know, and what you should know, is that newborn baby photography requires a great deal of education and experience to be done correctly. Did you know that it is the only branch of photography that literally, the life of another human being (your baby) is in the hands of the photographer? That's right; your baby will be in the hands of a photographer for 2, 3, or even 4 hours. Would you let someone without experience handling and moving babies work with your baby?

Yes, almost certainly nothing will happen, but what if something did happen?

What to consider when hiring a newborn photographer

Besides your wedding day, there is no more life-altering time than having a newborn. Go from a couple to a family. It's a world-changing event, which is why it's so important to commemorate this brief moment with professional newborn photography. Let us give you the lowdown on newborn baby photography and help you find the best photographer.

  • First of all, time is of the essence. A baby is only a newborn for the first two weeks of life. The younger the baby is, the deeper their sleep is, practically only waking up to eat. At around two weeks, babies stay awake longer, which is NOT what we want for pictures. We want babies to be fast asleep so that we can get them into those adorable poses. 
  • At around three weeks, babies like to straighten up and don't want to curl up as much as in the womb. If you like newborns in baskets or accessories like that, they've got to keep snuggling for us. To find out who will be your newborn photographer BEFORE you give birth. Photographers vary in scheduling, so you know when and how to schedule with your photographer. You don't want to be figuring out who to choose after the baby.
  • You have to specialize in baby photography. We mean that you have prepared and educated yourself on the subject. Working with children of 1, 2, or more years differs from newborns. It is a specialization. You can check the photographer's social networks and see how often he posts newborn photos and how much he knows about the subject; you will quickly see if he is a photographer who has prepared himself to take baby photos. In their networks, you see very few pictures of newborns (or nothing) and many images of weddings, events, food, etc. This photographer does NOT specialize in newborns.
  • The studio has to be a suitable space for family photography in Toronto. The main thing it must have is heating since it is necessary to maintain a specific temperature so your baby is comfortable. When you see a well-kept place, you know that it is someone who will care about your baby. Some photographers go home, and it is entirely valid, but the same rules apply to them, too.
  • That he uses suitable accessories and props, you can see it in the photos that he publishes on his networks. The buckets, drawers, and other things that accommodate a baby must be materials that do not risk your baby's safety, not materials that can break or hurt him.
  • It is a great, but GREAT plus, that he has taken a first aid course. However, this is not something everyone does; knowing that your photographer knows how to act in any eventuality will give you more peace of mind, in addition to knowing that it is someone who cares about providing the best possible service.
  • What you pay is what you receive will be reflected in the quality, service, and experience.

Consider all these points before deciding on the photographer for your baby and family photography Toronto. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to ask the photographer.

You have every right to know who you will hire. Often, out of pity, we do not ask, and later, we regret it and do not receive what we expected. Your peace of mind and the safety of your baby come first.

Hire a professional photographer to create something impressive, something beautiful. Something that lasts forever!

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