Background of Prostitution

Background of Prostitution
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09 February

Background of Prostitution

Prostitution is one of the oldest trades in the world, since human beings can remember some form of prostitution has been heard, either with social or religious, or even cultural influence. In ancient times, mainly in the Roman civilization, prostitution arose due to the presence of slaves in the houses, which minimized the sexual freedom of said slaves, and gave rise to this problem. In view of the analysis, it could be said that the masters took their slaves as sexual objects, and the slaves were accepted because of the obedience they owed to their masters. From that moment the slaves had to limit their freedom to satisfy their masters.

There was an exchange, in this case, social and economic goods but in a less specific way. In the year I, prostitution became official in one way or another in the Roman civilization, since 32,000 prostitutes were established, recruited in brothers that were called "Lupanares", and the present places had all the permission of the authorities of the time, to exercise it; this could be defined as the emergence of formal prostitution.

But prostitution in its beginnings was not just something for pleasure comfort and social stability, it was also something religious, or properly speaking sacred prostitution. This was practiced more in the Babylonian Culture and in general in the peoples of the East. Said sacred prostitution was done so that the pleasure obtained from the sexual act would please their gods, so it was done with religious overtones since it was a kind of oblation (sacrifice) for the gods of that time. It should be noted that not only prostitution was practiced in the East, but also in the West, in the City of Greece, prostitution was habitually practiced in typical Greek society.

The woman in Greek society was denied all the social, political, and cultural activities of the time, so the prostitute had a stable and outstanding social status within her role as a woman since that status offered her facilities, which for their time were impossible for women.

In Mesoamerica, specifically in the Aztec civilization, prostitution was openly allowed, accepting it from all walks of life.

In the Middle Ages prostitution was very recurrent and was even allowed by the rulers, at this time one of the consequences of prostitution arises: sexually transmitted diseases. When Did Prostitution Start?

Prostitution is a very old exercise and has had an influence at many times in history. In America, it began with the Aztec civilization that accepted it freely, but upon the arrival of the Europeans to the new continent, it brought the problem of prostitution, since the aborigines found in the new world were turned into prostituted women because the colonizers in their Thirsty for pleasure they took women to satisfy their sexual needs, which were deeply rooted because they had been drifting on the high seas for many days trying to find land. Therefore, the first lands trodden on by the colonizers were those of the Dominican Republic, which is why in America the problem of the prostituted woman was born in Hispaniola, as this land was called upon the arrival of the navigators.

Prostitution arose that way and has survived until today, but it has evolved and changed today. Its changes have been in its form, organization, and exercise. At the base of prostitution, there is an extensive organization with international ramifications, which imposes a code of behavior; it is the only law that prostitutes and their exploiters feel obliged to abide by.

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