Balcony Garden Ideas- 20 Ways To Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis

Balcony Garden Ideas- 20 Ways To Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis
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We all know that spending time outdoors has great benefits for our physical and mental health. But if you don't have a private garden at home, fear not because our balcony garden ideas will help inspire and transform even the smallest of outdoor spaces.

It was recently revealed that only 1 in 8 Indian households have access to a private garden space or patio. The past few years have forced us to spend more time at home than ever before, and with the proven health benefits of being around plants and nature, balcony gardening and 'gardening' are a great way to get involved.

With a little careful planning, you can instantly transform your small elevated space into a wonderful micro garden full of colour, scent, and ambiance. If you're looking to add more beauty and curb appeal to your home, it's about time you put in a stamped concrete patio! It's great for mimicking more traditional textures - such as flagstone, brick, or even slate - but lasts much longer! So, follow along for the best stamped concrete elegant patio ideas!

There are so many inspiring ideas that can transform your small garden space into a balcony garden that will enhance your home living experience: Enjoy views, sit, relax and grow your own little bit of green wherever you live.

Best Balcony Plants Ideas to Dress Up Your Space

  1. Create A Canopy with Creepers

To give your balcony space a cozy and inviting feel, opt for planting creepers and vines in pots and planters to encourage them to grow in your balcony space. You may need to put some mesh on the walls of your balcony, or some wire to ventilate your creeper. But with a little encouragement and instincts, you could soon have a green oasis right outside your balcony door.

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1. Create A Canopy with Creepers

  1. Go Big on Colour

There's nothing like a big hit of colour to bring life and soul to your balcony space. Outdoor rugs, cushions and paper flower wreaths will transform your outdoor space into spring. Flowers decorated in vases and pots will always bring a smile to your face, even if they are fake!

Geraniums are perfect for bringing colour to your space and are easy to grow, plus they'll last all summer long. Plant them in hanging baskets, planters or even old water cans and arrange them in spaces around your balcony.

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2. Go Big on Colour

  1. Line Up Plants on A Ladder

Saving precious floor space is essential if your balcony is on the small side, but you don't have to, adding plants to your space with this clever ladder shelf. Making the most of wall space, terraced shelves provide the perfect spot to house a variety of plants, including grasses, and ivy, but also herbs like basil, mint, rosemary, and oregano.

Be sure to secure your shelf to the wall so it will stand up to all weather and think about painting your shelf black so your plants really pop against it.

3. Line Up Plants on A Ladder

  1. Combine Plants with Your Dining Spot

With space at a premium, clever space savers are essential for your balcony garden, so this dining table and planter in one is ideal! Not only does it provide space for two people to enjoy alfresco dining, it's perfect for planting herbs, flowers or grasses.

Alternatively, fill the trough with ice and use as a place to keep drinks cool on sunny days when entertaining. In winter, the dining set can be brought inside and used as a WFH desk with space for your stationery and paperwork.

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4. Combine Plants with Your Dining Spot

  1. Arrange Plants at Different Heights

Arrange your plants at different heights on your balcony to make the space feel fuller and jungle-like. Raised planters are great for this, but even placing your plants on side tables, stools, benches and shelves will extend the feeling of greenery. Planters that can be hung over the railing of your balcony are a great idea to make your space look as opulent on the outside as it does on the inside.

5. Arrange Plants at Different Heights

  1. Opt for A Black Back-Drop

While black isn't traditionally recommended for small spaces, it actually works surprisingly well in an outdoor space and provides the perfect backdrop for your plants. Painting your balcony wall or fencing black will make the green of your plants really pop and it's also a good idea to echo that colour in the ground.

Dark gray and galvanized steel planters provide a contemporary look to your balcony setting, and again going for planters of different sizes and heights adds interest.

6. Opt for A Black Back-Drop

  1. Add A Splash of Colour

Brightly coloured furniture can bring joy to a small space instead of lots of plants, and provide a pleasant place to sit. Benches are also perfect for saving space because they can provide more seating than individual chairs, can be easily stacked when not in use, and can also serve as a place to display plants.

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7. Add A Splash of Colour

  1. Take the Inside Out

The experts at Love the Garden have transformed a once plain terrace into an outdoor living room. Use wood to create eye-catching visual features that also enhance the functionality of the space. Importantly the design complements the natural feel and look of wood with other natural materials and of course greenery.

8. Take the Inside Out

  1. Keep It Simple

To avoid making an already small space feel even more restricted, don't over-complicate the decor. This balcony garden has enough room for all the right ingredients to make it an extra living space for all seasons. A table and chairs provide a place to dine and relax and just a few potted plants add enough greenery to call this an urban garden space.

9. Keep It Simple

  1. Light Up the Deck

Make your balcony garden even more useful by ensuring you have a light source, to enjoy extended living space after dark. Solar powered lighting is a great option, meaning you don't need to run off an external power supply. Outdoor lighting will allow you to use your balcony garden at all times of the day and in all weather conditions.

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10. Light Up the Deck

  1. Install A Wall for Privacy

Hide your space with a border trellis. Balconies can unfortunately sometimes lack privacy, so a stylish trellis that can double as a plant climber makes an attractive solution. They're easy to install and a grid of slats will still let in plenty of light. Matching planters filled with vibrant hydrangeas or geraniums will mix up any hard edges and add a welcome burst of colour.

11. Install A Wall for Privacy

  1. Take Inspiration from Travels

Whether meditation is your thing, you simply want to evoke fond memories of a far-flung trip, or dream of your next adventure, you can re-imagine your balcony garden to be anywhere in the world.

12. Take Inspiration from Travels

  1. Invest in Structural Trees and Plants

Small narrow spaces are suited to tall plants. Therefore, trees fit the bill perfectly and can look structurally elegant especially when grouped in different heights. Some tree species will be very happy in planters and will control their growth by keeping their roots in a confined space.

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13. Invest in Structural Trees and Plants

  1. Maximise Space with A Wall Mirror

Add the illusion of space to your balcony by installing a sheet of glass on the wall. It'll maximize the small space, bounce light to illuminate any dark corners and double the colour by reflecting off the vivid plants and foliage. Here, the cool urban look is finished off with a central display of pretty hot pink and red tulips in an industrial-style cement planter.

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14. Maximise Space with A Wall Mirror

  1. Extend the Kitchen by Growing Your Own

Food lovers need not miss out as sheltered balcony gardens can make perfect salad and vegetable growing spots, so why not become an urban farmer with your own balcony vegetable garden?

You don't need a big garden to grow your own vegetables and herbs. Garden balconies make great mini allotments as they can be sheltered from the wind and are often spotty. Walls make great places to hang herbs.

15. Extend the Kitchen by Growing Your Own

  1. Cater for Compact Cooking

With small space living being more topical designers are always looking for new ways to meet our needs. This fabulous balcony-friendly BBQ is ideal for those with small outdoor spaces, ensuring that those living in multi-storey flats or those with limited space no longer have to miss out on the joys of alfresco entertaining.

16. Cater for Compact Cooking

  1. Bring the Balcony Alive with A Wildlife Attraction

The best gardens are those that coexist with plant and animal life. What else? It's possible to recreate this wildlife oasis while overlooking the skyscrapers and city views. Here we've got an array of green and lush foliage and a selection of flowering plants mixed with greenery to act as an oasis for bees, butterflies and birds.

17. Bring the Balcony Alive with A Wildlife Attraction

  1. Create A Cosy Cornerlivin

Make your garden balcony an outdoor living room to relax in with a large corner sofa filled with lots of cushions for relaxation. Many come with hidden storage to protect the seating pad in damp and wet weather.

A low-level matching coffee table continues the casual vibe while an array of pretty structural pots filled with African daisies and lavender look on. The charming storm lantern will keep you out at night.

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18. Create A Cosy Cornerlivin

  1. Make the Most of a Trellis

Make your balcony garden a charming place for the evening by adding a few clever touches. Everyday objects can be painted, recycled, and decorated to create an inviting and secluded space.

Fill a trellis with easy-to-make tealight holders and planters. Spray clean cans with two coats of paint and once dry, thread wire through the punched holes and through the loop to make a hanger.

19. Make the Most of a Trellis

  1. Factor in Functional Furniture

If you're short on space, look for quirky bistro-style furniture that can be folded away when not in use. Whatever the size, there are many uses for your balcony garden. If there's room for an outdoor table and wooden chairs, you can use it as an outdoor dining room or maybe as an area to spread out when you're entertaining.

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20. Factor in Functional Furniture


In conclusion, balcony gardens are an excellent way to bring greenery and beauty to small outdoor spaces. Whether you have a small or large balcony, there are many creative ideas and techniques to create a stunning garden. From choosing the right plants to utilizing vertical space and incorporating unique design elements, the possibilities are endless.

By creating a balcony garden, you not only add a touch of nature to your living space but also have the opportunity to grow your own vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Additionally, balcony gardens can also help to improve air quality, reduce stress, and provide a relaxing retreat from busy urban environments. With a little planning and creativity, anyone can create a beautiful and functional balcony garden to enjoy year-round.

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