Banarasi saree myths: three things you really shouldn't believe

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Banarasi sarees, hailing from the ancient city of Varanasi, have graced the elegance of Indian women for generations. Yet, there exist several misconceptions about these magnificent drapes. In this article, we'll explore three pivotal aspects—fabric, weave, and zari—to demystify the world of Banarasi sarees.

Myth 1: It’s All About Fabric

The essence of a pure Banarasi saree resides in the intricate weaving process. It's not merely about the fabric but the meticulous interplay of warp and weft threads that brings forth exquisite patterns and motifs. These designs range from traditional floral and paisley motifs to more contemporary geometric patterns, creating intricate works of art. It's worth noting that crafting a single Banarasi saree is a labour of love, often taking weeks or even months, depending on its complexity.

Myth 2: They're Always Made of Silk

Another prevalent misconception is that all original Banarasi sarees are exclusively crafted from silk. While silk Banarasi sarees are undeniably popular, celebrated for their luxuriousness, there are various other fabric options available. For instance, Banarasi sarees can be found in georgette, a lightweight and flowy fabric perfect for warmer weather. On the other hand, chiffon Banarasi sarees offer an elegant drape and are often preferred for special occasions. Additionally, cotton Banarasi sarees provide comfort and versatility.

Myth 3: The Zari is Always Real Gold/Silver

The shimmering zari work is a hallmark of Banarasi sarees, adding a touch of opulence to these timeless drapes. However, it's a misconception that all Banarasi sarees are woven with authentic gold or silver zari. While some premium Banarasi sarees do feature precious metal zari, many others employ artificial zari made from metallic threads coated with gold or silver colour. This distinction significantly impacts the saree's price range, making Banarasi sarees accessible to a wider audience.

Rajyalakshmi's Promise

Banarasi sarees transcend mere fabric; they embody a journey through time, culture, and artistry. Spanning centuries, these sarees carry within them the rich tapestry of tradition and craftsmanship. Whether it's the regal allure of a bridal Banarasi saree or the intricate details of a classic Banarasi drape, these garments weave the magic of tradition into every thread.

Our commitment goes beyond celebration; it's about safeguarding the heritage of authentic Banarasi sarees. With an unwavering dedication to preserving the legacy of these intricate weaves, Rajyalakshmi stands as a guardian of tradition. We ensure that the artistry and grace of Banarasi sarees not only survive but also thrive in the modern world. So, the next time you don a Banarasi saree, you'll do so with a deeper appreciation for its rich history and the artistry that brings it to life.

Source: 3 Myths about Banarasi Sarees You Shouldn't Believe

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