Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For
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From Aladdin and his Lamp to Alice in Her Wonderland, our fair protagonist lays their demand…

But every so often, for tomorrow and before, 

Oh, Violet, tread easy and be careful what you wish for

In the forest, as we read once upon a time in Marth Wickham’s newest tale, our naïve protagonist, Violet, sights a ring in a brush. On her finger, it goes, and the relic shows its true capabilities. A tale of magic paves its way into our imagination as we join her complicated adventure with the ornament. 

The ring obeys her every wish, but her commands get the best of her.  

Let’s discuss why it is crucial to tread easy when dealing with magic. 

We want what we do not need

One thing that is common throughout every medium of enchantment is a formidable vessel. A human host that will garner the ideal environment for the magic to thrive. 

But what do we mean by “environment?”

We, humans, contain a complex array of emotions. When faced with a minor inconvenience, instead of looking at the bright side of things, our mind conjures up a list of our unfulfilled wishes. But asked what we want from life, somehow, it’s error 404. 

If our decisions were solely governed by the simple forces that manifest our wants, our surroundings would seem a little haywire. Maybe that is why the mechanisms of this universe do not allow for every wish to be answered. This is why people question the existence of God whenever their wants are not met. 

We want what we do not need. 

Violet is a teenager. And one of the few advantages of being a teen is that your mistakes are rather forgiving… unless you decide to wear a magic ring that fulfills all your wishes. 

Though, isn’t it peculiar that the most powerful of relics seem to attract the most naïve of protagonists? 


Magic is more organized than you think. It feasts off of one’s will and desire and manifests it into strengthening the potency of the curse itself. 

Magic thrives on negative emotions. When given omnipotent powers, humans have the tendency to take matters into their own hands. There is a huge risk of situations going out of hand. The more indecisive an individual is, the more they are prone to have the magic backfire on their agenda. Violet’s use of her ring seemed to be smooth sailing. 

Unfortunately, a tragedy struck that had her questioning the nature of the call. Feelings of regret and remorse overshadowed her as she sought freedom from the magic-turned-curse. 

Magic is something that should not be tampered with. Once you are involved, it isn’t easy to find your way out. Will Violet find her way out of this bewitching situation? 

Get your answer by grabbing Found in Misty Falls by Marth Wickham now!

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