Beer Varieties should be Known to Beer Lovers

Beer Varieties should be Known to Beer Lovers

Choosing the correct brewery can significantly impact you whether you are a novice beer drinker or simply seeking a good time. The beer market has been growing as more breweries have entered the market. Although there may be some disagreements over what makes a good brewery, several general characteristics exist to consider. Let's see about the beer types that should be known by beer lovers:


These beers are all about the strong bitterness from the heavy hop additions and their wonderful fragrances. Even though these beers are usually rather malt-forward, the hops will always impart the strongest flavor. These beers have low to high abvs, yellow to brown hues, and medium to full body. While visiting a new town, you can utilize Google to identify the best brewery near me.

Pale ale 

Among all beer varieties, pale ales are among the most widely consumed worldwide.Its hops and golden to copper hue help to identify it. Pale beers, made using ale yeast and pale malt, are typically hoppy and have light malt flavors that leave a bitter aftertaste in the mouth. Consult the locals for recommendations on where to find local breweries near me.


Saisons are rustic beers that were first produced in southern Belgium. While they differ from location to place, most saisons have a strong fruity, spicy flavor and high carbonation level. Normally containing a moderate amount of alcohol, this beer cools you off sharply on a hot day.


To manufacture this pale gold beverage, the usual ingredients are malts, hops, and either hard or neutral water.Pilsners taste dry and slightly bitter, setting them apart from other lagers. It's quite easy to make this classic summertime low-alcohol beverage.If you are looking for a brewery that has a large assortment of beers, search for craft brewery near me on Google.


The roasted flavors and toasted scent of porters are well-known. High flavors of chocolate, toffee, coffee, and caramel are imparted to the drink due to the use of roasted brown malts or barley. Stouts and porters are similar in color, but porters taste crisper.


For the daring beer enthusiast, this dark lager is perfect. Stouts, brewed from roasted barley, can be identified by their roasted, bitter, and malty flavor with notes of chocolate and coffee. The well-known Irish stout brand Guinness is certainly familiar to you.

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