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Nowadays, more and more couples are choosing to have a wedding outside of their city, state, or even country, and for all the good reasons. This trend has been on the roll for a couple of years now and is because there are endless advantages of destination weddings. From simplicity to affordability, the benefits go on and on, and we cannot be more thrilled about it. Whether you and the love of your life love traveling or want to save up on the cash, destination weddings are truly the perfect way to go. Read further to learn more about Jaipur destination weddings and why this trend is embraced by all.


What Is A Destination Wedding?


Before we jump on the many benefits, it is important to set the record right on the meaning of a destination wedding. Mainly, it is a wedding taking place outside of the couple’s hometown or state. A destination wedding can be as minimalistic as having the wedding in the state across the country or can be something literal like being from Canada but hosting a wedding in India. And let’s face it- India has become a hotspot for destination weddings, Rajasthan in particular, because of all the monumental palaces and forts.


Advantages Of Destination Weddings


  • Makes For A Great Vacation


One of the major benefits of Jaipur destination weddings is that they double as a vacation. Not only will it feel like a royal vacation for the couple but for all the guests as well. For the guests who are traveling out of state anyways, they will have the opportunity for a real vacation and would not pass up the chance to see the beautiful couple ties the knot in a royal location. Your guests will be more than thrilled to attend a true royal Rajput wedding in Jaipur. As an added advantage, you will have a few days of fun and celebrating with your friends and family rather than just one night. 


  • Money Saving


You may be under the impression that destination weddings cost a fortune, however, choosing to go away can potentially save you money. Many Rajasthan wedding venues tend to be comprehensive, which naturally means less planning and lower costs. This is all the more possible if you choose a place like a resort such as Castle Kanota as it offers housing, catering, decorations, and whatnot. If your budget is the factor that is holding you back from the possibility of a royal destination wedding, then you must visit our website and you will come across some budget-friendly options and packages, thereby saving you money.


  • Allow You To Be Creative


Although all weddings allow for creativity, whether it is your wedding venue or the way the backdrop is set up. Nevertheless, with a destination wedding at Castle Kanota, you can truly unleash your creativity. Irrespective of the type of wedding you dream of, it is possible to make it come true with a touch of royalty. 


  • Intimate


Since destination weddings take place in a location that neither of the couples’ families lives in, generally there are fewer guests on the list. It is costly to book flight tickets for people to reach their destination, so that is usually considered when choosing who will be on the guest list. When you invite fewer guests, your wedding will automatically feel a bit more intimate. In addition, when a couple does opt for a destination wedding, people are not usually offended for not being invited as they know that these types of weddings tend to be smaller and involve only family and close friends.


  • The pictures Will Be Spectacular


Your wedding pictures will be mind-blowing, especially if you choose the right wedding photographer along with the right Rajasthan wedding venue. These pictures will definitely stand out from the rest because of the royal location and scenery. 


  • Stress-free


You may be wondering how a wedding in another location can be less stressful! Well, here’s why: looking back to the point about having an intimate wedding, there are fewer chances for any unnecessary family drama due to the number of guests invited to the ceremony; and secondly, looking back to the point of being cost-effective, it is a lot easier to book vendors in a different location because you do not have to drive around to meet with people to see if they would be a good fit. Instead, you can get in touch with vendors via Castle Kanota from the comfort of your home. Our location is all-inclusive, so wedding planning becomes much simpler.


  • A Memorable Experience


Although all weddings are memorable, however, having a wedding in a royal location will make your special day all the more unforgettable for not only you but your guests as well. In addition, if travel is really something important to you and your partner, a Jaipur destination wedding is an excellent way to share a part of your lives with your friends and family in a spectacular way. It is a great option for you if you want to make sure that your wedding is truly memorable and unique. By choosing Castle Kanota, you will create memories that will last forever. 


  • Simple


Irrespective of whether you have a comprehensive package or an intimate guest list, your Jaipur destination wedding at Castle Kanota can make everything simpler. The destination will be your front and center and will serve as the main decoration of the wedding. With a magnificent royal backdrop and experience, your wedding can be a marvelous ceremony in its utmost simplicity.


Let’s Wrap Up!

Heritage hotels near Jaipur make a perfect backdrop for a royal wedding. One such venue is Castle Kanota. Not only do we offer a comprehensive celebration, but our property is the one that will make your wedding intimate and memorable. Visit our website today, scroll through the pictures of Castle Kanota, and enjoy your wedding day like royalty with us.
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