Benefits of External Blinds and Awnings

Benefits of External Blinds and Awnings
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15 December 2023

External awnings and blinds have become increasingly popular as shading solutions for their ability to enhance the usability of outdoor spaces even in adverse weather conditions. These versatile solutions are ideal for both commercial and domestic settings, including patio enclosures, al fresco dining areas, and swimming centres.


Adaptability and versatility


Retractable external awnings and blinds offer adaptability to changing weather conditions and the sun's position throughout the day. You can close them during intense sunlight or rain to continue using the outdoor area or open them to let in natural light or enjoy the evening sky. This flexibility makes them ideal for all seasons, providing comfort and protection regardless of the weather.


Durability and longevity


When properly installed and maintained, high-quality external awnings and blinds can last over a decade. It's important to work with a specialist who can not only customise and install these shades but also ensure they come with a warranty for added peace of mind. Their durability makes them a cost-effective solution, offering long-term value for your investment.


Convenience and safety


External blinds maximise the usability of outdoor areas, even in challenging weather and on hot days. Top installers often provide motorised awnings with wind sensors that automatically close in strong winds, adding safety and convenience. For areas prone to high winds, options are available with typical wind ratings over 40km/h.


Customisation options


Experienced installers can tailor the design of your external awnings and blinds to meet your specific needs. Available in various colours, sizes, and styles, such as fixed hood awnings in eyelid, dutch, or wedged styles, these products can also integrate features like high-power LED lights. For areas with glare issues, clear PVC outdoor blinds can be tinted to reduce the impact, further enhancing the usability and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces.


Securing high-quality shading solutions

For those seeking customised shading solutions for homes or businesses, it's wise to consult with the experts at Versatile Structures. They offer external awnings and blinds from renowned brands like Somfy, Helioscreen, Weinor, and Ziptrack, ensuring the highest quality in shading solutions. Reach out to them for tailored advice and to explore the options available to enhance your outdoor spaces.

About the author:

Versatile Structures is a provider of high-quality shade structures in Queensland for commercial, government, council, and domestic clients. They provide an extensive selection of shade solutions, encompassing shade structures, shade sails, commercial shade options, membrane sails, aluminium screens, gates, billboard structures, and specific residential applications. Their main service region encompasses Brisbane, Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich, and all South East Queensland, with the potential to extend to a broader area based on the project's requirements.


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