Benefits Of Having A Twitter Wall At Your Events

Benefits Of Having A Twitter Wall At Your Events

A Twitter live stream at your event is an extension of your event’s activity for more audience. Live streaming is a popular trend among netizens, and when it’s Twitter, people are more likely to be interested in it. Social media, especially Twitter, has an extremely engaging interface and makes for a great platform to be streamed live at events.

Events range from being audience specific to having global recognition. A Twitter live stream can be extremely effective as it works in real-time and displays the best collection of content. 

Live streaming Twitter also gives you the opportunity to expect many benefits. Let’s understand more about it.

Understanding The Benefits

Taking charge of your event is not an easy deal. While hosting an event for your brand, you make many choices with only one goal - to achieve the best outcome from your event in terms of exposure, fame, and monetary gains. A Twitter wall at your event is the perfect tool and accessory to make your event stand out. 

It has various considerable benefits, and you can achieve many of your goals with a live Twitter wall at your event. And with the right tools, you can take the Twitter wall's usage to a whole new level. You can use the tools for wall customizations like branding with colors or adding your brand’s logo to the Twitter wall and content moderation, where you can choose the content you want to display on the wall.

Here are a few benefits of having a Twitter wall at your events.

Maximize Your Event Engagement

Live streaming on a Twitter wall can also help maximize your event’s engagement. You can host giveaways, Q&A rounds, and live interactive sessions and cover your event’s activities to post on Twitter. You can display the activity on the live Twitter wall.

It can also reach a larger audience if the content is shared and interacted with online. Live videos tend to attract more online engagement compared with other types of content.

They incite a sense of urgency, compelling people to watch. When you share your live stream to social media, you also have the option of running ads in order to reach an even wider audience.

Increase Your Event’s Visibility

Having a Twitter wall stream live at your event is a sure-shot way to maximize your event’s visibility. People love to be seen, and a Twitter wall can give your audience that 15-seconds of fame and make them feel valued and heard in a crowd of audience. 

You can host contests or introduce a unique event hashtag. Twitter walls work in real-time, so whenever people use that hashtag to post on Twitter, they will be able to see their post featured on the screen. 

This chain of posts continues, and within no time, you have a bucket of posts and tweets about the event. This technique works amazingly in increasing your event’s visibility on a global level.

Talk About Your Brand 

Your brand event should radiate your brand’s aesthetics. With a social media aggregation tool, you can customize it in a way that really speaks to your brand.

You can create a personalized feed with your brand’s hashtags or user handle, add your brand’s logo and customize the wall layout according to your brand’s tone.

You can add as many branding elements as you want and display details about your brand without any bar. A live Twitter wall is an orator for your brand, and streaming it at your events is the best way to market it. 

Impress Your Guests

Having a Twitter wall stream at your events is a relatively new yet exciting idea. The attendees of your event will love this unique concept, and that’s good news for you, as having new and exciting technology is a certain way to make your event create an ever-lasting effect on the users’ minds.

An attractive Twitter wall acts as an element of entertainment and attraction at your events. It is an amazing way to impress your guests at events.


Wrapping It Up 

There are several ways you can use a Twitter wall to improve your events, and if you have a penchant for doing something out of the box, having a live Twitter wall at your event can top the list for you.

A Twitter wall can actually perform as a remarkable investment for your event. With increased event visibility, engagement, and a great display for your brand.

Like accessories and decor elements during events, a Twitter wall at events can work the same way and serve more than just as an accessory; a Twitter wall has many concrete benefits.

This list of benefits is not an exhaustive list. There are more compelling benefits you can add to the list and use a Twitter wall for your event.

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