Benefits of PRP Treatments

Benefits of PRP Treatments
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25 November 2022

Your appearance might be seriously compromised by thinning hair. Hair loss can make you feel insecure about your look, whether you have alopecia or are experiencing genetic pattern balding. Patients with thinning hair have an advanced treatment option in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair therapy. By encouraging the formation of new hair cells, this non-invasive treatment can significantly improve hair growth. PRP treatment promotes hair growth by using your body’s cells, which can significantly boost your attractiveness and self-confidence with no hazards.

What is PRP hair treatment?

Platelet-containing proteins are found in the plasma found in your blood. By encouraging the creation of new cells, these growth factors regulate your body’s reaction to harm. A higher plasma concentration may promote faster tissue development. A sample of your blood to increase the plasma level in your system will be drawn, and the sample will be centrifuged to separate the platelets from the surrounding blood cells.

Next is your doctor’s micro-needling procedure on your scalp. Throughout the procedure, your skin will be numb, and there should be little pain. The mending process, however, will start after your body reacts to the apparent damage. Your scalp will receive a platelet-rich plasma injection, and a topical remedy will also be given. The PRP can then assist in the natural healing process in this situation. The platelets will revive inactive hair follicles, and freshly implanted follicles will be stimulated.

The clinical advantage of PRP treatments

Due to its various medicinal benefits, PRP hair treatment is growing in popularity. These advantages consist of the following:

  • Safety: Your body’s cells are used in PRP therapy. The rejection or allergic response risk is nonexistent.
  • Minimal discomfort: Since PRP therapy doesn’t need surgery, you should feel a little uncomfortable, much as when you get blood work done at regular doctor’s checkups.
  • Convenience: No recovery time or downtime is needed after PRP hair treatment. After the operation, you can drive and resume your regular activities.
  • Effective: For lots of patients, this approach works. Although the full effects might not be noticeable for nearly a year, you might start noticing the results around three months after your treatment.
  • Versatile: The medical community advises this procedure to replace both facial and scalp hair.

When your hair starts to grow back, it can significantly improve your appearance and feeling of confidence. In some situations, having a full head of hair might make you look younger and healthier. As a result, you could be more willing to take on new social challenges and professional difficulties. All patients with thinning hair can benefit from PRP hair transplant Malaysia. However, if you have alopecia or an immunological condition that assaults your hair follicles, the outcomes may be genuinely transformative.

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