Benefits of Supplementing with Complete Probiotics and Prebiotics

Benefits of Supplementing with Complete Probiotics and Prebiotics

A healthy digestive tract is necessary for a strong immune system. Whole Total pre & probiotic supplements for horses helps to restore the proper balance of intestinal flora, which strengthens the body's defenses against illness.

Improves nutrition absorption:

The body may have trouble absorbing nutrients if there is an imbalance in the microbiota of the digestive tract. A balanced population of helpful bacteria helps improve nutrient absorption and promote overall health and wellness. Modifications in habit, surroundings, and diet can all lead to upset digestion in horses. To help avoid these issues, Probiotic Powder supports a healthy balance of intestinal flora and promotes a functioning digestive system. Probiotic Powder is made entirely of natural ingredients and is devoid of any dangerous or forbidden substances. a product free of additives and fillers that can be used regularly to promote optimal digestive health.

Simply mix the Probiotic with water or feed. It is available in three sizes to accommodate horses of various sizes and shapes. In the digestive tract of every animal are both beneficial and harmful germs that help break down food. A microbiota imbalance can have detrimental effects on one's health. Maintaining the homeostasis of the digestive system can help support and improve the immune system, disposition, and physical health. Prebiotics nourish the beneficial microorganisms in the hindgut. Probiotics are live bacteria that naturally occur in the digestive system and help break down food to enhance the absorption of nutrients.

To maintain and restore the homeostasis of your entire digestive system is the aim of Probiotic. Just adding beneficial bacteria is insufficient, so we added these prebiotics to our powerful formula to make it even better:

Research has shown that these prebiotics pass through the stomach and reach the hindgut, where they support probiotic levels of Bifidobacterium Breve and Lactobacillus Casei and nourish good bacteria. This keeps things balanced and encourages the body to absorb minerals, especially calcium. Packed with powerful bioflavanoids like Optimize Balance, which have been demonstrated to improve the body's natural ability to counteract microorganisms that can cause upset stomachs.

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