Benefits of Using LED High Bay Lighting for Cold Storage

Benefits of Using LED High Bay Lighting for Cold Storage
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Whether your facility is a warehouse, a gym, or a manufacturing center, LED high bay lighting is a great way to cut costs while still providing a consistent level of illumination.

Unlike traditional lights, LEDs are not affected by heat, meaning they can operate safely in cold temperatures, like those found in cold storage facilities.

Easy to Clean

One of the most important considerations for cold storage is that lighting fixtures should be easy to clean. This prevents the risk of polluting the product being stored. It also saves labor costs and keeps workers safe from climbing on the lighting fixture while cleaning it.

Traditional lighting options such as incandescent and fluorescent release a lot of heat, which increases cooling costs to compensate for the extra energy they use. In addition, they often emit a lot of glare which can decrease visibility and reduce worker safety.

Fortunately, LED lights do not release as much heat and don’t glare so they are ideal for cold storage environments. In fact, they have a longer lifespan than conventional lights and require less maintenance. Plus, they don’t waste any energy emitted as heat and have a very low operating cost. This makes them a smart investment for cold storage facilities. Contact a local sales rep for more information on how they can help you save money!

Less Heat Emission

If you’re running a cold storage facility, you know that keeping products cool and safe can be a challenging task. With that in mind, keeping energy costs low is important.

Lighting can be a big part of your overall energy costs in a cold storage facility. Traditional light bulbs, such as fluorescent and incandescent lights, take longer to turn on in cold conditions, which means they need more energy to balance out the heat they generate.

High bay LED lighting has less heat emission, which can help reduce your energy bills. This is because they produce light differently than conventional lights.

Long Lifespan

High bay lighting is the workhorse of industrial, warehouse, commercial, public, sports, and recreational facility lighting. Several issues enter into design and specification decisions, including hard-to-reach ceilings, expansive spaces, harsh operating conditions, and long-running hours.

Cold storage environments require specialized lighting with long lifespans to ensure reliability in low temperatures. LED technology delivers that with superior brightness, color quality, and more controllability than HID or fluorescent lighting.

Moreover, they have a rated life of 100,000 hours, dramatically reducing maintenance costs associated with bulb and ballast replacement. Lastly, LED fixtures are designed for peak performance in temperature ranges of -40 degrees F to 55 degrees F.

LEDs dissipate heat effectively through their heat sinks, minimizing the risk of thermal damage that can shorten fixture life in cold storage. In addition, high-end LED fixtures employ advanced thermal management that enables the LEDs to cool down naturally without the need for an external fan or cooling system.

High Performance

Cold storage high bay lighting is a great solution for warehouses and other commercial spaces that require powerful illumination. Whether you have an entire warehouse, a manufacturing facility, or even a gymnasium, these fixtures can help illuminate your space and give your employees the right foot-candles to do their jobs.

Another important aspect of cold storage high bay lighting is that it has long lifespans and doesn’t burn out or need maintenance like other lighting options do. This is great for warehouses and other commercial spaces because it means fewer bulbs that need to be changed, which can be very time-consuming and expensive.

The most effective way to save energy and reduce your costs is to install lighting automation controls, such as motion sensors, dusk to dawn photocells, or dimmers, along with your LED cold storage high bay lights. These smart sensors can help detect when your facility is not being used and turn off the lights automatically to avoid wasteful energy use.

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