Best 144 Hz Monitor: Why It’s Better for Gaming?

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A more realistic and responsive gaming experience is achieved with the best 144 Hz monitor because of its quicker and smoother display rate. They eliminate input latency and blurred motion because of their greater refresh rate compared to regular monitors. For games that demand lightning-fast reactions and pinpoint accuracy, these are the way to go.

Importance of Gaming Monitor

One component that determines how fast a monitor is its refresh rate, which is the pace at which it can draw a new picture onto the screen. It gives reduced motion blur, faster eye tracking of moving objects, and a more fluid sensation while shooting sharply are all benefits of a comparatively higher refresh rate.

How long it takes for a black pixel on a screen to go from black to white and back again is called the screen’s reaction time. It is the hertz scale that is used to measure response rates: A reaction rate of 120 Hz indicates, for instance, that the screen refreshes each pixel 120 times per second. While playing fast-paced games on a monitor, you may see ghosting and motion blur due to the screen’s excessively high reaction rate.

What Is a 144HZ Monitor? 

When talking about a monitor, 144Hz refers to the frame rate. The amount of frames per second required to refresh the on-screen picture and show that frame is 144. The standard refresh rate for monitors is 60 Hz, whereas 144 Hz is almost double that.

One hertz is equivalent to one frame per second. There are many faster displays out there, but you can buy 144Hz monitor in India because it is by far the most popular range of high-frame-rate monitors. It is more accessible, affordable, and doesn’t put too much strain on PCs.

Why a 144 Hz Monitor Is Better for Gaming?

When questioned about the display configurations of 144 Hz monitors, every elite player may respond quicker to in-game changes and see less blurry, distracting pictures caused by motion blur.

  • Furthermore, everyone agrees that a refresh rate of 144 Hz or above is a crucial feature to look for in a gaming monitor. The resolution also has a significant role. 
  • Due to the ease with which a high refresh rate can be achieved, 1080p (Full HD) has become the most preferred resolution among gamers.
  • If you play fast-paced, competitive games that value quick reactions, then a 144Hz display is a must-have. The user will see quicker and smoother images with greater frames per second. For serious competitive gaming, the best 144hz monitor should be considered the bare minimum.
  • A rather high-quality GPU is likely to be in your possession if you’re an avid player. The issue is that only some screens can handle the overkill visuals needed to run your graphical monster. You can avoid this problem entirely with 144Hz panels, which allow you to play games at 144 frames per second.


If you’re looking to improve your display and are weary of ghosting effects, motion blur, and input delays, you can buy 144 Hz monitor in India. It is highly beneficial if you are a huge fan of competitive video games played at a high level, like eSports. Alternatively, if you want ultra-high-definition images, a 4K display might be a better fit for your gaming demands.


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