Best Entertainment and Media Ads Network For Publishers In 2023

Best Entertainment and Media Ads Network For Publishers In 2023
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An Ad Network that links advertisers and publishers in the entertainment and media sector is known as an entertainment and media ad network. These networks include a selection of ad types, such as native, video, and display advertisements, and they may assist publishers in reaching a larger audience and increasing income. If you are a publisher in the Entertainment and Media Ads Network sector, you should think about utilizing an ad network to increase your audience reach and revenue. You may begin comparing various ad networks once you have thought about your demands and objectives. You may compare various ad networks using a variety of web tools, including comparison tables and evaluations of various ad networks.

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What is the Entertainment and Media ads network?

Media and Entertainment is an advertising network that links marketers with media publishers, such as companies in the film, television, music, and video game sectors. It gives publishers access to a wide variety of ad types, including native, video, and display advertisements, and may help them expand their audience and increase their revenue.

The following are a few advantages of utilizing the Media and Entertainment PPC ad network:

  • Reach a larger audience: Publishers may reach a wider spectrum of prospective customers by utilizing the Media and Entertainment ads platform's access to a sizable and varied audience.
  • Increased revenue: The best entertainment ad network may help publishers increase their revenue by providing a number of ad types and targeting possibilities.
  • Save time and effort: By controlling the ad-serving process, the entertainment ad network may help publishers save time and effort.

 Best Media and Entertainment advertising network

  • 7Search PPC
  • Media. net
  • Facebook audience network
  • Xandr
  • Exponential

1. 7Search PPC

7SearchPPC is the ideal option for you if you're a publisher or blogger who wants to monetize your content with video advertisements. We provide a range of ad formats, including networks for media and entertainment ads, networks for publishers, and PPC for user-friendly websites that have a wide audience and pay publishers promptly. Join now to start making money off of your work! Here are some other advantages of 7SearchPPC as a video advertising network for bloggers and publishers:

  • High-Quality Ads:-  Ads of the highest caliber are only available with 7SearchPPC, so you can be sure that they will speak to your target audience.
  • Targeting: To make sure the correct individuals see your advertising, 7SearchPPC provides a variety of targeting choices.
  • Reporting: 7SearchPPC offers thorough reporting so you can monitor the effectiveness of your advertising and make the required changes.

2. Media. Net

Another well-known ad network PPC ad network for media ads is, which provides text, picture, and video advertisements among other ad forms. Contextual targeting is another service provided by that enables publishers to display adverts that are pertinent to the information on their websites.

3. Facebook audience network

This is one of the best media and entertainment ads, networks for publishers since it can reach people who are not on Facebook or Instagram. This advertising network also helps marketers stand out because of the unique ways that the ad units appear on news feeds. The major areas of focus for the video ad network FAN are the supply and demand for mobile video advertising. Adsense supports mobile video formats and image advertising.

4. Xandr

The entertainment advertising network Xandr, formerly known as Appnexus, offers both buy-side and sell-side services. It was linked with Microsoft AdECN and Google DoubleClick in 2020. Publishers using video players have the choice of working directly with advertisers or via a programmatic RTB exchange. Addtionally, Xandr has an SSP and a DSP.

5. Exponential

Because of its tiered pricing for publishers, which is beneficial for monetizing video advertisements, Exponential is one of the top networks for online video entertainment advertising networks. One of the networks Tribal Fusion created for internet video advertising is called Exponential. They impose strict guidelines for the quality of video traffic as well as hefty CPMs for video publishers.


 Overall, entertainment and media advertising network advertisements are an effective strategy for reaching a big audience and generating income. You can make sure that your advertisements are seen by the correct people and that you are making the most of your advertising budget by selecting the best ad network and targeting choices.


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