Best Mobility Aids for Therapists and Home Use | JB Medical

Best Mobility Aids for Therapists and Home Use | JB Medical
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31 January 2023

If you are looking for mobility aids, JB Medical has the best offering for both therapists and home use. Their products are designed to provide safe, comfortable and reliable support as you recover from accidents or illnesses, navigate a new lifestyle as you age, and more. In this article we will be discussing the different mobility aids that JB Medical offers, what they can do for you and how to choose the right product for your recovery needs.

JB Medical specializes in providing a wide range of mobility aids to suit multiple recovery needs. From manual wheelchairs and electric powerchairs to crutches, walkers and rollators to bathroom safety equipment such as grab bars, toilet seat raisers, bathlifts and more – there is something here to help anyone find better accessibility in their daily life. Here we take a closer look at some of JB Medical’s best offerings.

Manual Wheelchairs: These chairs provide optimal maneuverability while ensuring stability with their strong steel frames, lightweight design and adjustable components. They also come with padded armrests and swing away footrests/elevating footplatesfor increased comfort. Manual wheelchair users can move independently by pushing themselves or be pushed quickly by another person thanks to the foot-activated brake system that ensures user safety when transferring outside of the chair.

Electric Powerchairs: For those with limited upper body strength or balance issues that make manual wheelchairs difficult or impossible to use, an electric powerchair may be an ideal solution. They feature powerful motors for increased speed but also prioritise safety through their anti-tip system which activates when cornering too sharply or driving up ramps or stairs. The turnkey operation allows users to begin using the powerchair almost immediately without any further adjustments needed which makes them great for travelling outdoors on uneven terrain as well as indoors for indoor navigation of tight spaces..

Walkers & Rollators: Used extensively by both therapists in hospitals as well as elderly people at home appreciating independent mobility - both walking aids are essential pieces of equipment assisting users of all ages who need extra support while moving around their day-to-day lives safely and securely. Walkers offer more stability than crutches but less portability where a rollator offers the reverse - making them two very complementary pieces covering different areas of independent movement aid requirements based on individual needs.

Grab Bars & Toilet Safety Equipment: One of the major focuses at JB Medical is making bathrooms safe again - something which is incredibly important especially when helping elderly patients recovering from illnesses or accidents regain independence while showering or using the loo comparatively safely compared before their accident/illness impacted on their life quality negatively . Grab bars offer much needed aided stability during transfer from bathtub/shower into lavatory; raised toilet seats provide additional supported seating height leading into easier transfers onto toilets; bottom casts allow elderly patients with hairline fractures / surgeries aiding entry/exit points into bathtubs for getting reduced risk showers instead; toilet surround bars align physical supports around entire toilet system allowing better weight assisted balance points during sitting down into lavatories etc.- all designed towards increased hygiene standards whilst maximising patient home comforts along with independent mobilizations cohesively together..

Choosing Your Mobility Aid

When trying to choose between the many different types of mobility aids available from JB Medical it is important to consider factors such as weight capacity able to be handled – numerous models targeted towards light adults & heavy adults (under 150 lbs / over 350 lbs); navigational capabilities & focusing upon specific adaptations like short-distance / long-distance trips planning durability level wanting etc before finally considering product pricing carefully balanced against needing mobility assistance required & seeking ideal bought product accordingly meeting your personal budget expectations end goal ideally wanted Ultimately whatever choose it should always seek regulatory certified standardisations under ADA Compliance rules like detailing serial numbers present upon bought item plus one decade standardised warranty period being offered alongside if any anomalies pending occurrences occurring after purchase time too.


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