Best Places to Go in Dwarka: Our Top Five Picks!

Best Places to Go in Dwarka: Our Top Five Picks!
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Welcome to Dwarka, a city of ancient wonders and spiritual treasures, where Hawthorn Dwarka awaits to offer you the ultimate in luxury accommodations. As you embark on your journey to explore this sacred destination, let Hawthorn Dwarka, a premier luxury hotel and resort in Dwarka, be your oasis of comfort and indulgence.


1. Dwarkadhish Temple:

Begin your pilgrimage at the revered Dwarkadhish Temple, where the divine presence of Lord Krishna fills the air with sanctity and devotion. After a day of spiritual immersion, retreat to Hawthorn Dwarka, a luxury hotel and resort in Dwarka, where every comfort awaits to pamper your senses.

2. Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple:

Continue your spiritual odyssey at the sacred Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple, where the blessings of Lord Shiva bring solace to the soul. As you seek divine guidance, find sanctuary in the luxurious accommodations of Hawthorn Dwarka, offering unparalleled comfort and serenity.

3. Bet Dwarka:

Embark on an adventure to Bet Dwarka, where the beauty of nature and the echoes of history converge to captivate your senses. Whether you're exploring ancient temples or lounging by the pristine beaches, Hawthorn Dwarka, with its luxury villas in Dwarka, offers you a haven of relaxation and indulgence.

4. Rukmini Devi Temple:

Marvel at the architectural splendor of the Rukmini Devi Temple, a testament to the rich heritage of Dwarka's cultural past. After a day of exploration, retreat to Hawthorn Dwarka's luxury villas in Dwarka, where opulence and comfort merge to create an unforgettable experience.

5. Gomti Ghat:

Conclude your journey at the sacred Gomti Ghat, where the tranquil waters of the Gomti River invite you to immerse yourself in moments of reflection and peace. As you contemplate the divine mysteries, find solace in the luxurious amenities and personalized service of Hawthorn Dwarka.


Dwarka beckons with its timeless allure and spiritual significance, offering travelers a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. With Hawthorn Dwarka, a luxury hotel and resort in Dwarka, as your esteemed host, every moment of your stay is imbued with comfort, elegance, and unparalleled hospitality. Plan your visit to Dwarka today and experience the epitome of luxury amidst the serenity of this sacred city.


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