Best Safety Barriers [Buyer's Guide]

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28 November 2022

Safety barriers refer to several tools or equipment that aid drivers and passengers of motor vehicles on the road. The most common safety barriers found are speed bumps and road safety signposts.

Nearly 1,172 people died on Australian roads from August 2021-2022. Therefore, the country is leaning toward increasing road safety. Companies supplying road safety barriers may see this as a chance to expand.

Why are Road Safety Barriers Needed?

One of the burning issues traffic experts face today is many road accidents in various locations.

What better solution than a wide range of road safety barriers? These measures not only prevent but also lessen the impact of accidents on the road.

Therefore, buyers like public bodies or road contractors should focus on quality and innovation when selecting road safety barriers.

Safety Barrier Types

Two main categories of safety barriers are currently available for buyers. These are active and passive barriers.

Active barriers can be manipulated as and when required. Therefore, these are mostly automated. Passive barriers are those that are stagnant or stationary at a location. Hence, they cannot be adjusted as per the shifting requirements.

Most safety barrier companies, like National Safety Products, require these safety barriers.

What are Active Barriers?

The most popular automated barriers seen on roads are wedge barriers, bollards, and beam barriers.

All of these can be operated up or down or back and forth. These are for situational emergencies, such as sudden gatherings or special occasions. They also help in managing regular routes.

For example, beam bars stop traffic when a metro or train passes. There are also other kinds of barriers called portable or mobile barriers.

What are Passive Barriers?

Passive barriers are permanent barriers. Their main function is to handle road security rather than to control and safeguard moving traffic patterns on roads.

Examples of this kind are the safety barriers generally installed outside specific premises. These could be placed outside hospitals, schools, or cooperatives to prevent cars from ramming into these structures.

Road Signage in Australia: Importance

Currently, in Australia, road signage is the most sought-after road safety barrier after bollard installations. Companies are looking into supplementing the roads with digital road signage to keep up with the technological inclusions.

Buyers should be focusing on increasing the road signage on Australian highways. These signboards are mainly suggested to help supplement the prevention process aimed at drivers on the road.


The barriers mentioned above are the best ways to convey all the national regulations and road regulation changes taking place to the citizens.

Safety barrier signs are mostly adapted from international concepts and signs. However, the most commonly found ones in Australia are the 'stop' and sign barriers.

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