Best third-party apps for Reddit (2023)

Best third-party apps for Reddit (2023)
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Check out our picks for the best third-party Reddit apps!

Until 2016, Reddit did not have an official mobile app. When it finally saw the light of day, it had some glaring issues, some that remain unresolved to this day. One of the biggest problems that users have with the official Reddit app is that it sends unnecessary notifications, from subreddits they aren’t even subscribed to. Luckily, there are a bunch of third-party apps for Reddit that have existed since before the official app arrived on the scene. These apps offer a superior browsing experience and have had years to iron out any minor issues that users may face on the platform. In this article, we bring you our picks for the best third-party Reddit apps in 2023.

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rif is fun for Reddit

rif is fun for Reddit, previously known as ‘reddit is fun’, is one of the oldest and best third-party Reddit apps on Android. This app simplifies the Reddit experience without compromising on any of the features. You can browse subreddits by simply swiping right and scrolling through your subscribed communities. Got multiple accounts for Reddit? You can easily switch between them using reddit is fun. This app also has a helpful dark mode which makes your scrolling experience easy on the eyes.

What we like about reddit is fun is that its interface is close to what the ‘old’ reddit used to be. More attention is paid to the text than the media (although you can switch it up by enabling media cards in Settings). The app’s native media player can load videos from several platforms that are popular on Reddit.


If you like the content that’s on Reddit but have always been discouraged by the boring look of the website, give BaconReader a try. This app makes use of Android’s Material You design language and brings a new level of accessibility to the content aggregator website. Have trouble keeping up with long chains of comments? You can colour-code them with BaconReader. Apart from thematic customisations, BaconReader offers its users powerful tools, making it the go-to app for Reddit moderators.

Relay for Reddit

Relay is similar to BaconReader when it comes to utilising Material You to elevate the browsing experience. If you the media on Reddit to get the spotlight while scrolling through your feed, you can enable the card interface. The card interface enlarges the thumbnails and images on the posts and makes them the primary focus. Relay also has support for gesture-based navigation, something not many Reddit apps can boast about. Other than that, you will find all the regular features like custom feeds, saved folder, multi-account login, and more on Relay.

Boost for Reddit

Boost for Reddit doesn’t stray too far from the official Reddit app when it comes to design, but it has a bunch of handy features and isn’t prone to a lot of bugs. If you’re tired of the constant pesky notifications you receive from the official Reddit app, you’d be pleased to know that Boost isn’t as invasive. Even though it replicates the standard Reddit app experience, there are a ton of design customisations on offer. The app also comes with basic functions like multi-account login, cards for media, spoiler tags, and more. The app also has an impressive widget for your Android phone’s home screen.

Infinity for Reddit

Considered by many to be the best third-party app for Reddit, Infinity goes beyond its way to bring you a ton of customisation options that can alter the entire browsing experience. For example, if you cannot access the hamburger menu due to gesture-based navigation on your smartphone, you can easily ditch it for a bottom navigation menu. There is also a unique ‘Lazy Mode’ on offer that auto-scrolls your Reddit feed at a preset time interval.

Now for Reddit

Quick, clean, and minimal, Now is one of the best light apps for Reddit. Being just 5MB in size Now misses out on the bells and whistles that come with other apps in this list. What you do get is a fast, smooth, and mostly ad-free browsing experience for Reddit. If you’re looking for an app to simply follow your favourite subreddits and comment on the posts, Now would be a good addition to your list of apps. There is a premium version of the app on offer as well, which offers a few more features.


RedReader is an open-source app for Reddit and has a few advantages that no other app can boast about. Firstly, RedReader hosts no ads on its platforms, offering a clean browsing experience. On top of that, RedReader does not monitor your browsing activity. The app offers basic features like multi-account login, dark mode, tablet mode, and imgur/gfycat support.

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This is our list of the 7 best third-party apps for Reddit in 2023. Selecting the perfect app depends on the kind of user you are. If your Reddit activity involves moderating a couple of subreddits, we would suggest using BaconReader or Relay. For regular users, reddit is fun would be more appropriate. If you use Reddit mostly on your PC and just need an app to catch up with what you’ve missed, we would suggest a lightweight app like Now.  

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