Best Time To Do Everest Base Camp Trek

Best Time To Do Everest  Base Camp Trek

Whenever someone mentions Nepal, you actually imagine a land surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks lying in the lap of Mother Nature. Nepal is indeed a kingdom of trekking where you get to find yourself exploring some of the world’s tall mountains and the incredible flora and fauna. There are many trekking packages and tour packages in Nepal that are favorable for different age groups and travelers with different trekking expertise. Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most popular treks to do in Nepal. However, not every traveler can dedicate a long time to traveling. Everest Base Camp[ Helicopter Tour is a perfect tour package for travelers who want to dive deep into exploring the Everest Region in a short time.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is a short tour above the Everest Region that allows you to adore the magnificent beauty of the aesthetic mountains intensified by the colorful flora and fauna. Kala Pathhar is the place where we land, and the view of Everest from that point is one of the most aesthetic images you will ever see. The memories you will make on the short trip to Everest will be unforgettable. Most travelers do have a question regarding “Can you get to Everest by helicopter?” Well, you certainly can reach Everest by helicopter. All you need to do is book a Heli Tour Package to Everest from Welcome Nepal Treks and embrace the love of nature with open arms.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Highlights | What to expect on the Everest Heli Tour?

-       The most aesthetic sight of the world’s highest peak

-       Fly above Nepal’s best natural capital - Everest Region

-       Beautiful heli flight to Kala Patthar

-       Explore the best natural grandeur of Nepal

-       Dive deep into the magnificence of Mother Nature

-       Get closer with the superlative views of Lhotse, Nuptse, Pumori, and Khumbu Glacier

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Price

Before making a travel plan to any destinations, one of the important things most people look on to is the price. Likewise, the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Price is different according to different seasons and the number of people traveling in the group. More the number of people, the less the cost will come out to be for an individual. Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Price for 2022/23 brought to you by Welcome Nepal Treks is US$ 900. You also get magnificent discounts on the tour package and also get to witness some loyalty bonuses. The Helicopter Everest Base Camp Tour by Welcome Nepal Treks is a wonderful tour package that brings you closer to the wonderful Himalayan nature.

Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost averages around US$ 1000. With Welcome Nepal Treks, you get heavy discounts along with some great additional services that are free of cost. The Everest Helicopter Tour with Welcome Nepal Treks would be one of the best travel experiences you will ever have in your life. The Mount Everest Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu starts with a scenic flight to Kala Patthar where you land and click your best picture  in nature which will be memorable for all the good reasons.

Best Part about the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

One of the most iconic and best Nepal Helicopter Tour Packages, Everest Heli Tour Package with Kala Patthar Landing is destined to be the top pick of Nepal Tours in 2022/23. While going to Everest Base Camp Trek, you have to segregate 1-2 weeks of travel time and you also need to take proper care of what to take on the trip and how to trek. However, Everest Heli Tour provides you an opportunity to make it to the Everest and have a great time there. The best tour package for children, aged people, and people who are very busy, EBC Heli Tour is the best option whatsoever. Having said that, if you are an experienced trekker, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go to the Everest Heli Tour. You should always be open to new experiences and the Helicopter Tour Package to Everest is what leads your way to a naturally aesthetic spot.

Another best thing about the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is that it can be blended with other trekking or tour packages. You can go on ABC Trek for 2 weeks, and after returning from the trip, you can actually go on the EBC Heli Tour if you get the time. All you need to do is to ask the tour planner about the trip, and he will do the rest for you. Welcome Nepal Treks always cares about the travelers’ wishes and demands and strives to provide the best travel and tour services.

Best Time to go on Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Nepal is a country that can be visited at any time of the year and you will get amazed to see the wonderful nature that has its core in all times of the year. However, there are certain places that come out to look  the best when visited at selected times of the year. For instance, Everest Base Camp Trek is the most preferable trek during the spring season and the autumn season. Most travelers avoid going to trek in the winter season. As the weather is cool and clear, autumn and spring are the best times. Likewise, about the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, it is best to go on the heli tour during spring and autumn seasons when there is clear weather and you don’t have to deal with any clouds while exploring the Everest Region from the air. Spring and Autumn are the best seasons for a visit to Everest Base Camp via a helicopter.

Moreover, it doesn’t mean that Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour can’t be done in the winter or summer season. You can go on EBC Heli Tour at any season of the year, but you need to compromise a bit. As in the winter season, there will be snow all over the places and the weather is not so clear that brings down the fun you will have on the trip. One thing is for sure is that you don’t have to deal with the extremities of the winter season when you are on a helicopter tour in Everest Base Camp. The tour is for one day, and one day of clear weather means you are all in for a magnificent adventure that is what makes it even grand and wonderful which is not possible in Everest Base Camp Trek.

Kala Patthar - The Landing Mark of the Everest Helicopter Tour

Everest Heli Tour as most travelers believe is the perfect way to get soaked into the deep natural beauty of the Everest Region with Everest being the top highlight of the tour. The supreme and the best view of Everest is not seen anywhere other than Kala Patthar. Famous as the webcam of the world’s tallest peak, Kala Patthar is the landmark situated at the southern ridge of Nepal Himalayas. So what kind of views of the Everest Region do we really see from Kala Patthar? Well, the most spectacular views of Everest, Nuptse, and Changtse are visible from Kala Patthar, intensified by the superlative sight of the northern flank and Lhotse.  You may have seen  a famous picture of Everest which you find in most of the media and books, the image is actually clicked from Kala Patthar- the webcam of Northern Himalayas. The Everest Helicopter Tour allows you to look out for the most aesthetic sight of the world’s highest peak that is no less than a natural miracle.

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